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Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?


Blue Microphones Bottle Rocket Mic Locker

Stage One Mic with four interchangeable capsules in a hard shell case

Guidelines For Hi-Res Music Production

Created by The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing

Eventide Tease New H9 Algorithm

Sounds like its more, guitar-y


Complete Drum Micing For Under 250 quid

AKG Drum Set Session I drum microphone set is now available in the UK

Dangerous Music Unveils The 2-BUS+

New 16-channel analog-summing mixer announced

Line 6 Helix Redefines The Modelling Pedal Board

New HX modelling with dual DSP, fancy displays and more


Audient iD14 Ships

10 in / 4 out USB audio interface with two Audient mic preamps is now available


Two AKG Mics Ship

D112 MKII kick drum mic and C314 dual-diaphragm condenser are now available

Waves Plug-Ins Bundled With Apogee Interfaces

Apogee Duet, Quartet and Ensemble now include Waves plug-in bundles

ACPAD MIDI Control For Acoustic Guitar

Wireless control fits any acoustic


Updated Version Of Master Word Clock

Black Lion Audio Releases the Micro Clock MkIII

Kool Kosmo Desktop Synth Stand

Simple solution to perennial problem


New dbx Compressor/Limiter

dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter 500 Series module is now available

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Synth Works:Abstract Data - Show Us Their Workshop

UK maker sends us some insider snaps

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig

Live modular performance setup

Sonic LAB: Behringer X-AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

So much power in a small package - but how does it perform?

Podcast: Sonic TALK 408 - Reface and Glastonbury

Travelling lite, grumpy engineers,

Synth Works: Pittsburgh Modular

Behind the scenes in the workshop

Ringo Rocks - Its Official

Dave Grohl, Chad Smith Stewart Copeland and others say so


1 New Yamaha ReFace - Second Teaser Out

Can you guess what it is yet?

2 Yamaha ReFace Teaser 3 - What News?

Surely the picture is getting clearer?

3 Wait, So There Is A New Synthex?

Mario Maggi - the original designer announces new synth

4 Roland JD-XA In White

Unique white edition has been specially made for DJ Hardwell

5 The Last Delay You'll Ever Need?

UVI releases Relayer plug-in for Mac and Windows

6 New MultiTrack Field Recorder

Zoom launches the F8 portable 8-channel/10-track audio recorder and digital mixer

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Meet The Makers - Tip Top Audio 

We talk to the masters of Eurorack

Cymru Beats: Somatic Responses Live Rig 

Live modular performance setup

Meet The Makers - Dieter Doepfer 

The father of Eurorack

MESSE 2015: RODELink - RODE Mics First Wireless System 

New 2.4GHz Digital Filmmaker Kit looking pretty good