Sonic State Music Tech News: synths

Take A Look Inside A Behringer Model D

New video will give you a better understanding of the build quality

New Kurzweil Stage Piano

SP6 has a fully-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard

Schmidt Eightvoice Analog Synthesizer Is Back

Orders now being taken for third batch of 25 units in black and white

Granular Synth Debuts On Kickstarter

Tasty Chips GR-1 can be yours for 849 Euros

New Roland Live Performance Keyboards

Travel-ready V-Combo VR-730 and VR-09-B make their debut

The Breadboard TS - A Synth Builders Dream?

This development platform used to breadboard new synth ideas could get you started

Roland D-05 Sequences from Knobcon 17

Gestelt flips us through

New VCV Software Modular for Mac/PC/Linux Is Free

30 Modules to get you started

Sonic LAB: Craft Rhythm - First Look

New addition to the DIY instrument range

MIDI Controller For The Roland Boutique TB-03

Integrate your TB-03 Bass Line into your DAW project and control it

Knobcon 2017 - The Show in Images

Photos and images from the Chicago Synth Con

Roland Boutique D-05 Announced today

Authentic recreation of the 80s digital synth

Sonic LAB: Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1

Affordable Stylophone with mini analog synth

Buy A MeeBlip triode For Less

Back-to-school fire sale for the synth from now through Tuesday night

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Presentation: Tim Exile and SLOO

Shed Loads Of Oscillators

Series: Live With LIVE - Follow On Actions

Create events that follow on from clips and scenes

Sonic LAB: Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1

Affordable Stylophone with mini analog synth

Podcast: Sonic TALK 504 - D-50 Labels and 4 Poles

Roland Experience, Subsequent 37,Walter Becker

Series: Live With LIVE - On Stage Monitoring

Make sure you are prepared for any options

Sonc LAB: Roland SE-02 Analogue Boutique

3 Osc Mono Synth in Boutique form


Expressive E Update Touche Package

New Preset mapping for many instruments and more

Loop Based Rhythmic Instrument For KONTAKT

Umlaut Audio MOTORS is designed to create tonal and rhythmic pulses

DSI Announce Rev2 Desktop

I guess we knew it was coming - here it is..

17 Free Synths For Your iPad

IK Multimedia's Syntronik is now available for iPad

More Videos

Wisdom Water Live From Cymru Beats 

And a tour of his setup

Sonic LAB: Dubreq Stylophone Gen X-1 

Affordable Stylophone with mini analog synth

Feature: Tim Exile And His Amazing Flow Machine 

Gaz Williams talks to Tim

Presentation: Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface 

We get the skinny on the long-awaited new IO