Sonic State Music Tech News: virtual-synths

Farfisa Syntorchestra Sampled

Detunized releases Farfiso Live Pack and multi-format library

Polyphonic iPad Synth With Resonator

iceWorks releases LORENTZ

Polyrhythmic Groovebox For Ableton

Sonic Faction announces Polytek Max for Live instrument


4 Oscillator Subtractive Synth

Plugin Boutique to release Carbon Electra for Mac and Windows


Is This The Craziest Synth?

Sugar Bytes Obscurium is a generative synthesizer and timbral organism


VST Bass Instrument For Windows

MaxSynths Bass Module features 64 original bass sounds

Circuit-Bent iPad Synth

Mayank Sanganeria releases

Summer NAMM 2015: SH-101 Soft Synth

Roland releases the SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer


Summer NAMM 2015: Roland SYSTEM-1 In Software

Roland introduces the SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer plug-in with Librarian


Tone2 July Offer

Buys a synthesizer in July and receive a soundset for free

Vintage-Inspired Drum Module

Greynote Music releases Analog Drum Kit Generator for Mac and Windows

iPad Drum Machine Coming Soon

Olympia Noise Co. announces Patterning


Additive Synth For Reason

Oberon is now available from the Propellerhead shop

Sample-Based Synth For Reason

Mixfood Unison Xs from Studio Corbach released

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Podcast: Sonic TALK 413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat

Owl programmable module AudioBus Remote, Film Scores

Synth Works: The Portland Laboratories of 4ms

More shots from behind the scenes


1 Modal 008 First Patch Demos

The new analog poly gets voices

2 AIRA System 1m Plug-Out CV Integration

Roland's official channel release gets on an ambient tip

3 Podcast: Sonic TALK 413 - MikeMe and Heartbeat

Owl programmable module AudioBus Remote, Film Scores

4 Livid minim - Pocket Sized Wireless Controller

Kickstarter campaign launched for new controller

5 Stekker 2015: Thijs de Vlieger of Noisia

We caught up with one third of the Drum and Bass trio to talk modular

6 First Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Emulated

HoRNet releases HDD-1 for Mac and Windows

More Videos

Sonic LAB: Boomstar Oscillation - Eurorack Oscillator 

From Studio Electronics

Brighton Modular Meet 2015: James Carruthers Spectrum Prototype 

8 step sequencer with a whole host of tricks up its sleeve and some very pretty lights

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We look at the Analog engine

Sonic LAB: Littlebits Korg Synth Pro Kit 

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