Sonic State Music Tech News: virtual-synths

MESSE 2015: U-he HIVE A New Synth

Quality sounds low DSP load

MESSE 2015: Cakewalk Announces Rapture Pro For Mac And Windows

Performance synth combines algorithmic and sample-based synthesis

MESSE 2015: Software Drum Synth

Softube introduces Heartbeat

EDM Bassline Synth For Windows

Eplex 7 DSP releases Analog Bass Unit N4

Grand Piano Instrument for Kontakt

Soniccouture releases The Hammersmith in big and small versions


Drum Machine For Your iPad

Vibrant Digital Engineering releases Diode-108 Drum Machine


Korg DW8000 Synth Sampled

Particle Sound releases DW8 I for Kontakt 5


Elka Synthex Emulated

XILS-lab miniSyn'X and Syn'X offer Italian polysynth action


Arturia Classic Soft Synths Collection

V Collection Classics features ARP, Moog, Oberheim, Roland and Sequential Circuits emulations


Propellerhead Announce Reason 8.2

Makes it easy to stay up to date and get many of your most requested features


Signal Pulse Engine - Epic Introduction

New synth by Output gets the movie treatment


Blues Rhythms For Groove Agent

Blues Essentials expansion set is available for Steinberg's software drum instrument

NI Definitive Piano Collection Tutorials

New videos show how to dial in sounds on the Maverick, Grandeur and Gentleman


Free 3-Oscillator Synth For Windows

Noizefield releases ClubVoltage

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Interview: Alessandro Cortini's Synth Cave

Part 1 of an extraordinary chat

Podcast: Sonic TALK 398 - Marc Doty And The $1million Dollar Controller

Bob Moog Foundation, Artiphon and HTML5 Drum machines

Roland JD-Xi Crossover Synth Review

Little package, big aspirations

Arturia Microbrute Plus Pedals = Jam

Polara, EHX and Boss pedals meet


1 MESSE 2015: Roland JD-XA Demo

With Scott Tibbs

2 Nord Introduces Stage 2 EX

Stage 2 line updated with doubled memory for piano library and ultra-lightweight 76-key model

4 MESSE 2015: Awesome Arturia Beatstep Pro Demo

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro

5 MESSE 2015: Roland System 100M Analog Modules

Made in conjunction with Malekko

6 MESSE 2015: Native Instruments Updates

Company reveals the Future of KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards

More Videos

NAMM 2015: AlphaSphere Release New Model 

The AlphaSphere ME is just $200 - wow

NAMM 2015: MXL Introduces GOlav Mic and Mobile Media Solutions 

Ladies and Gents, a Lav - for your GoPro

MESSE 2015: Awesome Arturia Beatstep Pro Demo 

8 Brutes and the Beatstep Pro

MESSE 2015: Modal Puts The 002 In A Rack 

002R non-keyboard rackmount version of the 002 is available with 8 or 12 voices