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  6400 Ultra At a Glance
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Sys-9 ( writes:
This is the best sampler/synth/seqeuncer i have ever used! i have an internal HD in mine and it can load a banks of samples in no time flat, i have a bank that has about 80 seconds of sound across the keyboard and it loads within 10 seconds! Very professional unit, very easy to use, i've had it almost a week now and i have basically been able to use everything this marvelous unit can do, dont beleive me? Danny Elfman uses 6 of them! so that has to say something, E-mu has the best sound quality and onboard editing that i have ever used, it also comes with comp software for editing on your computer AND comes with 10 sample cds!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
best audio quality i have ever heard, whether distorted guitars or icey pianos, they just sound so good! go to the music store, listen! buy!

(Thanks to Sys-9 for this info.)

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