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  X3 Synthesizer Workstation At a Glance
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Kristian Holger Pedersen-Reng ( writes:
The X3 is the perfect option if you¥re looking for a keyboard, and you don¥t have a sequencer. However that would be the only reason for buying it, as the sounds alone aren¥t enough in themselves to justify a buy.

The keyboard is extremely well built, and the disk drive is a welcome feature. Very few bugs, a good sequencer (WHICH CAN HANDLE INTERNAL SOUNDS AS WELL AS EXTERNAL KEYBOARDS!!!), powerful drums, and quite a good multi-effect processor. Easy to use, but it¥s difficult to program really good sounds.

The Korg X3 is the one to get IF:


Overall rating as a workstation: 8/10

Comments About the Sounds:
The Deep Organ is much cooler than the much used Perc Organ on the Yamaha TX81, especially with a lot of chorus.

(Thanks to Kristian Holger Pedersen-Reng for this info.)
and Helmut Schlierf for the pic

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