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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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barzin a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Now that the TI part of the VIRUS TI works, it's one of the best synths out there, and hands down he best VA synth. Yeah sure, you can buy a $5K++ DAW setup and get some of similar sounds (digital is digital any way you slice it), but I have tons of soft synths and TI just sounds better it has so much horse power. You need A LOT computer and software to get close to some similar sounds. Soft Synth won't give you knobs, superfine keyboard action, double processor 100 voice sound and the Virus sound. YES, Virus has it's own sound and that sound can't duplicated easily by any means. Analog FAT and Virus FAT are different types of FAT sounds. I own a PEK and A6 and some days the virus sounds better to me, some days the others do. Depends on my mood. I mean if you want the MOOG sound, get a MOOG, but if you want a good music creation tool, get the VIRUS TI. If you need to make your sound fatter and bigger buy a JOMOX M-Resonator for $300, or one of several analog outboard gear that can fatten your sound. Btw, this little gizmo will fatten up any synth or drum machine, I own one adds a whole new dimension to my TI. Only problem is that you can't use it digital out (which is KILLER and you must run it directly to your DAW via your digital-in if you can) And finally yes, it works great for electronic music, but nowadays you can lay down Virus tracks into your groovy rock tunes and make something entirely new. Think about it. Right now I love this synth, but you know what, I love all great synths. I also own some other amazing gear, Radikal Technologies Spectralis (awesome beat box/groove box), JOMOX Xbase 999 (great sounding analog drum machine, but it needs some updates badly, only been out for about 2 months), Poly Evolver (everyone needs at least the mono version) and Andromeda A6 (I just love this synth).

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-28-2006 at 01:29
dave a part-time user from united kingdom writes:
had my virus ti since jan 06 and in my opinion this is the most sonicly enhanced synth i have ever owned or used. it sounds just fantastic and i cant understand why some people dislke it to be honest.i know it has some issues with the virus control but these seem to be well on the way to being sorted out, and maybe access should have launched at a later date after more testing, and i do feel the pain of those who are experiencing such issues. but with this kind of futuristic technology there are bound to be issues,and i have had my fair share of them, and the only thing that stopped me from launching it from a great height onto solid concrete, with the shear frustration it caused me, was the fact that i always knew this was gonna the baby,but now its the daddy of all synths and there's nothing out there that can touch it, trust me if your after those super futuristic analog sounds and retro then check one out, but be warned you may have some teething problems but if you work in a logical way you will resolve these issues and will reap the the benifits of analog heaven. just one last comment its not a moog a roland or a korg or other its a VIRUS TI and it WILL infect you WHOEVER YOU ARE.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-21-2006 at 18:57
john the messiah a part-time user from nomansland writes:
although I'm a 'part-time'-user, I've been using synths for more than 10 years already, nearly daily, so I have a little insight and know what I'm talking. some ppl stated that the wavetables are useless, I agree here. the hypersaw isn't useless in my opinion, however it's not worth the upgrade if you've got an older model, I barely never use them. the virus is the most analogue sounding VA ever, but if you want analogue sound, get an analogue synth... if you're into trance, the virus is the synth to go for. if you're into another genre of music like rock, pop, hiphop, whatever, stay away from it. it is a pure trance synth, and not suitable for other music genres.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-05-2006 at 16:03
Hi, I bought the virus ti polar for 1,500 quid, and it is a complete heap of junk. It dosent work properly and crashes all the time, their is latency on recording beyond belief and i.e. with a dual pentium and delata soundcard designed by dolphin and no other software or internet stuff onboard. This is complete bad advertising and ripping people off, nothing new there from music industry, didint get much joy from virus and very little from turnkey where i bought it, so im left to play 1500 for a year with a product that is deemed useless, well im finished with this music game and thats all there is to it, might be good for recycling i suppose!!!! verdict shit!!!

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-28-2006 at 04:57
realtrance a professional user from USA writes:
I have to say I'm rather astonished at most of the reviews here. Not that I doubt the issues with the OS while it was clearly in beta development, but the comments about hypersaw and wavetable quality and capability in the TI are just plain ignorant.

I have had an XT and JP-8k, both of which I love, for many years, and yet the TI beats both of them cold for versatility and for sound quality (not that I have much negative to say about either the XT or JP, though!). There's a much wider range of wavetable possibilities with the TI, and the hypersaws/hypersquares if used intelligently provide a very liquid, pleasing, thick sound.

The only problem with the TI is that it really demands a knowledgeable user, especially in the area of integration with a PC.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-21-2006 at 02:58
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