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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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Happy customer from Venus (left of the north star) writes:
Literally this synth sent me out of this world. Dont worry I ave heard and played so many synths (i'm not just jostling over my first synth or anything like that!) When it comes to synth experience I'm in my rocking chair. Absolutly stunning! I had my doubts but this machine is perfect for Trance of the proggressive kind. The blips, bopp, stabs FAT lead and gorgeous pads are not to be doubted. Flickking thru the 1024 presets is a pleasant suprise that lasts a while. The arpeggiator is a bit crap though. Again I must stress that this synth is absolutly great it sounds better than the smoothy woothy supernovas as well as the presest. Flicking thru the sounds is like listening to latest proggy tracks of TODAY not 1999.

If you want dynamix stunning snappy FAT pactches then do not hold back!

I'm finding it difficult to get back to earth after using this synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-06-2003 at 05:44
Hans-Henning Klos a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
If you want to listen to a song made entirely with the virus goto:

Yes, the virus can sound unique. There are quite some Virus sounds which I recognize in other productions, esp. in DnB and Trance music.

If you only stick with the presets you won't get anywhere close to knobby heaven.

So do a simple trick: Delete all the sounds in bank A & B and replace them with your very own, it will pay off.

The support beats ANY other synth company out there that I know of.

- Hans

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-16-2003 at 19:16
a professional user writes:
First of all...i never liked the Virus...most out of the good sound comes from the filter...and i think that is what makes teh Virus sound good, if it wouldn´t have those raw filter...

It´s very versatile, with many features and yes it can sound quite good...but maaan...that thing is so overrated...for sure a good VA-multitimbral workhorse...but for individual and really good sound...get a Q or a NordLead.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-10-2002 at 16:18
The Truth a part-time user from London, UK writes:
I have to agree with what 1 of the previous reviewers (mike) said about this synth, a lot of the time on these review sites people just lay into synths/modules/studio gear in general, attacking them for this and that, but why, as has been mention there are very few professional audio products out there that truly suck! Christ, even the much beleagured groovebox (MC 505) in the right hands can sound like a monster.

Ive a/b'd the virus with virtually every other sub £2000 synth and without a doubt it has a unique sound. If u need soft, 'vanilla' synth sounds, the majority of sound modules can cater for your needs, but the reason I went for a VA synth was to get some really, strong, powerful, unique synths and the virus definitely delivers the goods.

Only the waldorf and nord products offer the same edgy sound in my opinion, the supernova sounds sumpremely classy and smooth, but thats not what I was after. I also use reaktor, but for all its flexibility its not hardware and as such a bit more fiddly.

All these synths can be fcukin fantastic in the right hands,so...... dont blame the machines, they only do what you tell them to!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-03-2002 at 08:01
zorg from france writes:
I won't rave about this synth and I'm always questionning wether I shall sell it or not.

The + : an amazing range of sounds. Lot of modulations options. 2 multimode filters. Complete arpegiattor. Multitimbrality. PAds are great, as well as SFX.

The - : the sound doesn't have the dynamic it deserves. I compared it to a sh 101 and though I'm not a fan of Roland, you can't beat it on many grounds (and not only with bass !!!) Lack of trele, lack of bass. Further more, the sfx tend to drift the pitch in mine !!! Long reverb : the sound go slightly but noticibly out of tune. One's would say"hey, you're into anolog realm", but it's rather annoying.

My question is : how can you use such a unit in a professionnal studio ? May be by adding loads of compression, subbass and exciter treatment...

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-14-2002 at 18:15
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