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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Anon. writes:
This is a great synth packed with gooddies, but get the latest o.s. version... If you don't need the polyphony or don't have the money, check out the Alesis Micron instead. I actually think that the latter is the best sounding VA to date. Price and hype excluded.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-19-2004 at 20:22
shawn a professional user from Maryland writes:
Well it's like this - almost got my Access Virus out of layaway, but i t will be there a little longer...about $500 longer. You see the Virus TI (Total Intergration) Series just came out and will ship in December. So i'm calling my dealer this week to place an order. If this is news to you, go their website and check out the 3 new models. Looks to be promising!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-09-2004 at 05:23
hexfix93 a professional user from colorado writes:
Ok, after makin about 32 patches on this thing now, i have come to realize that even tho i love my jupiter 8, the virus is cutting into it's lead as my favorite synth..

This virus does it all, and well. The new moog filters allow me to get that agressive moog style bass line out of it finally. No one has talking about why the C is better than the B, this new filter really makes new things possible, like self osc filter bells, and mean moog like bass lines. kick ass lead sweeps. it really does sound good.

And after all the turn the fx off and see it sounds good talk, ahhaha i did that, and guess what, if you need extra beef, just add a tad of unison. get those oscilators moving, and it soudns fine with out fx.

Let me give you some advice, always put a little lfo, just a little to the oscilators, and use lots of pwm. This is what livens up the virus, and with all those lfos, its not a problem to do on every patch i make. sync, and fm bass and leads are the meanest things ever, meaner than the sounds i used to get on the pro one, and that is really saying something.. Not to mention the wicked pads and strings this thing has. Sure i have to cheat and use unison a lot on certain things, but i think this is a + not a minus.

Another tip with all VAs, never leave the filter wide open, the filter hides the high end of the osc that sound digital. if you want open filter sounds, buy an analog.. The magic on this thing is in all the filters, they are great.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-31-2004 at 13:20
Naill a part-time user from canada writes:
I have just recently been able to afford a virus c and I have to say wow! agreeing with one of the comments above It does have a fairly dificult to grasp modulation matrix I am still don't really know what i am doing on it, but use it every day, Another great part about the virus is it retiered every other synth in my collection(aside from my waldorf q) keep cranking out killer stuff access

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-28-2004 at 10:47
Shapulaski a professional user from Washington, DC - USA writes:
Well - i haven't gotten my Access Virus KC out of Lay-Away yet, but i'll tell you this much - i have been testing out all the synths from like 1999 up until now and the Access Virus KC has been my 1st choice. I just has everything i am lookng for in a VA. I have been into countless music stores and played everything from a Mini Moog(OMG)to a Hartmann Neuron(nice), and the KC has just left more of an impression on me. I put it up against every known "hot" synth that i could - the Nords, MS2000's, Adromeda (tough comp)the ION(i own one), and the Waldorfs - but the Access just seemed to shine brighter - although i swear - i almost got that Andromeda instead...only thing was - i would have been paying until 2005 on the Lay Away!!

I can't really report as in depth as the other Access users here - but i can say that i have dabbled in just about every type of electronic and accoustic music and i found that this KC can generate tones and frequencies close to a Moog bass or close to a dirty church organ. I mean i spent GOBS and GOBS of time on the KC - so i got a somewhat decent exposure level. Everytime a salesman came up and tried to offer a demo - i said "no thanks", and i think you guys know why. It's best to kick yourself out of the nest and catch a current all by your damn self. Though the monitors in the show room were straight doo doo and the headphones did it no justice either, i could still imagine this thing convulsing my Cerwin Vegas at the crib. I can't wait to accompany it along side my Alesis ION. Even more i can't wait to plug in an electric bass and mutate the plucks. To hell with looks like a lot confused people are obssed with - i am all about the music and deep experimentation - i will put this thing to work like a $20 hooker on New years eve. I mean yeah it looks great - built like a Sherman tank - but i am more interested in what it can do. Paintings and plants are meant to sit and look pretty.

The sonic palette is the best i've heard thus far. Great after touch, effects and i love the fact that there are plenty of knobs and buttons to boot. The power supply is likeable too - no "wall warts" or "lump in the lines". This is definately already a classic synth and a mad scientist's secret dream weapon. Like i said, i can't elaborate too deeply on the true power of the osc's, arps, matrix, effects, timbrality, poly's etc., because my exposure to it has been been limited. the dudes in the music store where i bought it know me by name now!

To all you lucky sons of guns on here with Indigo's and Viruses, i applaud you and soon, will be joining you. Buying this KC made me feel like i had found the Holy Graile or something. I bought the last one in the store too - so that made me chuckle a bit - moreso when they said they wouldn't be carrying the item anymore. Was this fate or what?? I hope to have a lot of great news to report hopefully by the middle or end of August...maybe sooner?? I give it a big Phat 5...5,000 if i could! I don't want to sound like those forum rats - but here goes anyway...INFECTED BABY!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-20-2004 at 01:54
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