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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Steve a hobbyist user writes:
The VC has power! If you use the 3rd osc with the analogue boost, sub-osc and the saturation mode all turned on, the power of this synth comes alive!! No other VA can pull this much ooomf off!

Routing possibilities are great! Internal routing mixed with signals from the external inputs have soooo many experimental uses. Having any external sounds (drums, guitars, vocals) running thru those 2 wonderfull sounding filters is excellent!

I cant really say anything bad about this synth...

i pitty the people who havent sat down with the VC and then comment on its flaws.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-11-2003 at 01:19
Ive just got a Virus KC and im very happy with it. This synth is actually warmer sounding than some of my analogues. I just cant switch it off, its that good.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-02-2003 at 15:37
Hayley Manners a part-time user from USA writes:
OS 6 should be made available June 2003.....Further enhancing the Virus's interface with added arpegio patterns, more shortcuts + added features....this is very exciting. The majority of past user reviews seem to be pretty is open to very wide subjective opinion :)

Its taken me about 3 months to become comfortable with the user interface....well worth the time investment, b'cos I know appreciate just how f*&$ing good this synth really is. The KC comes with alot of interesting factory presets, some of which are very well engineered. Obviously, as time goes by and you start engineering your own, alot of these will be overwritten. Editing patches is easy and logical. The manual is over 120 pages and thorough!

*I really like the keyboard action, modulation matrix, effects and those FILTERS*

I totally agree with past user reviews, in that the Virus sounds excellant. Overall the Virus is one of the warmest and fattest digital synth ever made. The Virus excels at doing beautiful silky pads, strong basses, classic (modern) leads, complicated fx & atmospheric soundscapes. Analogue emulation, for the most part, is very good. If you are a professional programmer, you wont have any problems making an insane range of great sounds. This synth is very expressive.

Ive had no problems with mine thus far....that does not mean to say I never will. All synths at some point have weird glitches :)

Support on the website is good. The OS updates are fantastic. Email support could be a little quicker.

At this price point, like the reviewer below me indicated, you have a number of options. The Waldorf Q, Nord 3 and the SuperNova II being the most sensible. Forget all the marketing hype and tryout all these synths and find the one which works best for you.

For me, I found the Waldorf Q to be too digital/cold sounding for my liking, however, I still think its a great, versatile sounding synth. You can do some classic 80's PPG Wave type sounds on this beast.

The Nord 3 has the best user interface of all modern synth and sounds great (Moog style filter). Perhaps a little warmer than the Virus. However, it is not as sonically versatile as a Virus.

The Super Nova II also has a great user interface and sounds excellant. The Super Nova II came a VERY close 2nd to the Virus. Uses the same semi-weighted keyboard action as the Virus...but does not sound as distinct. An overly glassy, smooth sound were-as the Virus can sound like gritty shit stuck onto the pavement.

All of these aforementioned synthesizers are well built, sound superb and could be regarded as the 'big' synths of today. Whichever one you end up buying, im sure it will be a great asset to your setup.

Based on my preference for warm/authentic/fat/complicated sounds my ratings are:

The Virus KC 10/10 Super Nova II 9.5/10 Nord 3 9/10 Waldord Q 8.5/10

I hope my review helps.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-19-2003 at 02:20
APB a professional user from United Kingdom (London) writes:
The Virus KC is a superb digital synthesizer. I think the main reason why I bought this synth as opposed to the others (Waldorf Q, N3, Supernova II etc) was that the Virus has such a distintive tone (Thx to its great filters). For true analogue emulations, the Nord 3 is a stronger candidate. But for pure, futuristic synth sounds....the Virus is right there, nailing it.

The Virus is currently used by a huge number of ambient/rock/pop/electronic/dance/trance musicians. There is no doubt in my mind that the Virus is probably one of the strongest all-round synths to use. Alot of people debate (At length) as to what sounds the Virus is best at. Well, in my opinion, I particularly enjoy the Virus pads, leads and bass sounds. When I need to use true analogue sounds I rely on the SCIProphet 5, SCIPro-One, Jupiter-8 and Oberheim OBX-a. The Virus fits in very nicely.

The Virus KC looks fantastic and has a great feel to it. The overall build quality is excellant. The built-in effects are of a very high standard.

If you would like to download the audio demo's and find out what features this synth has then goto >>>

The bottom line is this....If you can afford it BUY IT. You probably wont regret it.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-09-2003 at 06:51
Scorpion2K1 a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I own the KB. Essentially the C versions are preety much the same sound engine.

It is true that the Virus will not replace your analogues. Infact if I buy a new synth it will have to be analogue. I own the JP 8080 and the Virus. The Virus to me can sound warm and very smooth or it can sound cold and harsh. Unfortunatly the Virus can easily alias in the high frequency spectrum even more so then the JP 8080. The midrange sounds fine and the low end is decent but mabey needs a little coaxing to get it bassy. By its self the Virus is a fine machine and can make tons of cool sounds.

To the professional user who wrote before me yes the oscillators can sound weak by them selfs but static is not quite correct. If you notice that every time you strike a key on the Virus the osc pitch is slightly different then before. You can definatly hear this if you strike 2 harmonic keys at a time. Plus I noticed that osc 2 is freely drifty. osc 1 is static but if you try to tune osc 2 perfectly with osc 1 and hold the note you will hear that osc 2 is still not perfectly in tune with osc 1 as it still slightly drifts. If you detune osc 2 to say like 12 O clock the sound becomes fatter but also notice how the phasing sound slows down and speeds up randomly. Thats becuase osc 2 is drifty. Osc 2 is definatly not static. Dont forget that the Virus has a 3rd LFO. Use the sample and glide waveform for osc 1 now both of your osc's are drifty and you still have LFO 1 and 2 for other things.

You can also fatten up the osc's not with effects but with unison. You can make the osc's sound much more upfront if you set the oscillator initial phase to 1 were every osc including unison will start at the beginning of waveform cycle. This helps alot to give the virus a bit more punch. You can also create some really cool sounding phasing effects when you have phase init on 1 but detune the unison or the osc detune. And last but not least you have a 3rd oscillator and a sub oscillator to help get you closer to that big sound you were looking for.

These reviews are good guidance and help for you're decision. Just remeber to explore the Virus your self and trust your ears and make your own conclusion. Were the osc quality might be weak there is a whole lot of things you can do with out using effects that can help beef up the sound then what some presets may have made you believe.

What else? If you do plan using its onboard effects I have to say it is some of the nicest effects you can ever hear from a synth. I find it funny that one would say I hate FX on synths but except the Juno 60 with its built in chorus. Do I hear contradiction? Speaking of Chorus the Virus to my ears has a really nice Chorus FX.

Other stuff is the 62 additional Digital waveforms. The Virus has much more then simple analogue waveforms. These can be used not just only on the oscilators. You can use these on the LFO's and you can use them as a one shot envelope generator by setting the LFO to cycle once. Infact you can use any of the 62 digital waveforms to LFO modulate the onboard FX.

If the Virus family has any worth then its definatly in its filters, FX and its digital waveforms and its nice modulation matrix. This alone to my opinion makes the Virus worth owning or checking out.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Mar-22-2003 at 05:04
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