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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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zarch a professional user from australia writes:
Bought a mpc2000 fully expanded 2nd hand and after 1 day I am prepared to say I will never ever use another sequencer again . All I need now is a second mpc2000 because 32 notes and 32 meg just isnt enough when they are just so amazing .

15 out of 5 !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-25-1999 at 19:46
Kyle G a professional user from Australia writes:
Man this machine is amazing!.. I purchased one about 2 months ago, I have fully mastered it. There have been a few people writing up here with useless quirks... Just read the manual!.. You need to. Even though it is a very easy to use machine, there still are alot of little tricks in the manual that can help everyone out.. I use this box for triphop beats, and let me just say that it is the most amazing thing I have come across to date!.. I love it... And yeah.. the pads rok!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-05-1999 at 18:15
jon brown a part-timer user from Philly, Pa writes:
Just sold mine cause it was boring. The MPC2000 is the best sequencer Ive seen as far as stand-alone, but as far as the sampler...I cant dig it. I started out with the ASR-X and its a very good resampler. I sold it cause I didnt like the pads(very noisy) and the display sucks balls. Then I bought the MPC2000 thinking that the MPC2k and a turntable would suit me fine. I was wrong! I didnt want to buy the EB-16 effects expansion, cause I heard that it only "buses" the effects instead of actually processing them like the ASR-X for example. Anyways, the other day I found myself in the music store bangin out fresh beats on the new ASR-X PRO. Sorry, but I have to go back. Much respect to the MPC2k familys and I will have another one(when my budget lets me). For now Im gonna have to live with noisy keys and shady display. By the way one thing about the MPC2k that I didnt like at all is that you cannot spread a sample across they keys on one channek(whatever thats called?). Later...

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-11-1999 at 22:05
DJ Syntax a part-timer user from Chicago, USA writes:
The MPC2000 goes with me when I dj... it's a great companion. Kindof bulky to take to gigs all the time... Would be nice to have mass storage internal. Other then that, it's a great beat box. It rules for controlling a lot of synths. F%$# PC sequencing!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-02-1998 at 11:27
Pete Robel a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Version 1.7 OS saved me from returning this piece!!!!!! I love realtime control, and now a lot more of it is available. The rolls are tremendous now that you can just push shift+note repeat to hold that function, then shift the resolution. Those same rolls took me ten to fifteen to program before, espcially with velocity. Now I'm just waiting for an OS upgrade with more filters and complete external midi control of all note parameters, which isn't possible now (just program changes). The sampler sounds great, has great editing, and the sequencer is a PIMP. Cool hint... use the drum pads as a midi controller by setting your synths control ID's to the MPC' triggers and viola... press harder for 127, lighter for 0. Wish the upgrades weren't so pricy... or that I had coughed up the $2100 up front. Indeed, Zip drive is a must... they should've just stuck one in right off the bat. Word of advice- unplug your midi in's before you program in step, or at least do touch your synth while you do... the sysex messages will come at mach speed and freeze this puppy up! But through all my bitching, I still insist this is the world's best drum machine. Definately 5/5, I use mine about three hours a day, even on the weekdays.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-05-1998 at 23:11
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