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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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M V a hobbyist user writes:
the mpc2000xl is a nice drum machine. I make my own kicks snares high hats(well sample them) Its easy to use alot of people use it so its not hard to find information on it. How tight your beats are is up to you, if you suck your beats will suck but if your good your beats well be good To everybody making music LET THE RHYTHM PLAY

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-10-2004 at 19:58
decimal a professional user from atlanta writes:
excellent machine the 2000xl is easy to use.great sound.i know that people are always wondering whats the best mpc 2000 ,2000xl, 3000 ,4000. let me tell you that for the money its the 2000xl. the mpc 3000 was built like a tank but the thicker material made it have over heating problems.besides it not the machine totaly that makes hot beats you first have to know how to make the diffrent style beats weather your making hip hop or house to techno.the 2000xl will do what you want it to once you understand really how to use it.your first mission should learn where to get your samples from and that will depend on your style of music. it was designed for beats but it is not limted to just that i own two mpc2000xls and i time sync them together through midi one is used for beats and one for keys it gives me keys that are right on the beat never missing a key.ive grown up listening to helping out kast and a friend under the same record lable who has not come out yet but will soon.try not to get over welled by wich beat machine to use the 2000xl is personally my sugestion because of what it can do for the money. hope this was helpful for anyone trying to figure out what to it sound how you want it to sound because its a sampler the sounds are what you put in it check out these sites for samples for old school hip hop sounds check out , for cleaner to vinyl drums check out

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-08-2004 at 17:30
J M a professional user from Boston-USA writes:
The MPC2000XL is the best piece of beat-making equipment for hip-hop producers. Theres no argument. The only thing that comes close is the Fantom S and the MOTIF. And those are keyboards, and they dont have pads.

If you dont want a keyboard, and you wanna make beats, and you wanna spend under $1500 Dollars, get the MPC2000XL.

If you want all the above and you want to spend over $1500 Dollars, Look for the MPC60II.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-18-2004 at 11:07
roxstar a professional user from detroit writes:
Besides my data wheel going out on me, I don't have any complaints with the XL. I have the latest operating system installed, it it rarely locks up.. I'd say maybe 3 times a year. As far as creating music on it, it's the best item I have spent my money on. Simple to use, and if it broke, I would buy another one.

. ..cream-of-beats .

posted Saturday-Nov-29-2003 at 01:22
K. a professional user from S.Jersey writes:
Here it is for all of the young people that might not know. The End ALL Be ALL of the MPC debates.

#1. The MPC60/60ii is the greatest sampler/sequencer of all time- just like Mike Tyson in his prime..think Tyson 1988 era.

#2. The Mpc3000 is just the better, improved version of the 60- think Tyson in 1989-90 when he was knocking everyone out in minutes

#3. The MPC2000 is Akai's attempt to be better then they already were without the help of Roger Linn- think Tyson in 1990 when he got knocked out by Buster Douglass..He didn't have any of his original team with him.

#4. The MPC2000xl was Akai trying to make a comeback and reprove themselves after the 2000's showing- think Tyson trying to make a comeback against Evander Holyfield.

#5. The MPC4000 was Akai once again trying to recapture some of the magic of a time well passed- think Tyson vs Lennox Lewis- he did his best but I think we all knew then that it was over for him.

#6. Finally the new MPC1000. Akai is trying to show the world that they still got it though reports state otherwise - think Tyson 2003 making a comeback; We'll all watch but do we really even care like we once did.....

But Hey Lets build a perfect drum machine and not fight over which of these is better...

Just think.. The Low End of the 60/60ii - Kick drums The high end of the EMU SP 12/1200's - snares + high hats The sequencer+ solid build of the 3000 - super tight feel The wave editing of the 2000/2000xl and the processing speed + storage space of the 4000... Now that would be something anyone listening......Peace

posted Thursday-Sep-25-2003 at 14:50
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