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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Sigma a professional user from Chicago writes:
I'm back with an update. It's been a few years of having the 3000 and we're in an age of plug-ins and comps. Just go look on ebay and you'll find all the same drum machines and hardware synth's at half price then where they were about 2 years ago. It's ridiculous I agree, but these days the next generation of music makers use computers and hey, they are powerful, you have like 10-20+ hours of sampling time, all the effects, etc, etc. I have used logic, macs, pc's, sonar, pro-tools, and while they are all powerful, nothing will ever take the place of the 3000. Everything put into it sounds 1000 X's better because your paying for the converters. Your hands on. It's a friggin monster. Not to mention I got some big time things happening with my music/albums. Honestly there's no going back and the prices on these things is dropping too which is a shame since in a few years they will be unbelievably expensive. So if you find one under $1,900 then don't think twice. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never sell mine.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-26-2003 at 15:23
DBIG a professional user from CANADA writes:
I've owned a MPC2000 and a MPC2000XL, my latest purchase was a MPC3000 to see if the hype was true. Thankfully it is. Being a long time MPC user the most obvious benefits of the 3000 are its ad/da converters(far clearer sounding) and its amazing dynamic filter(awesome sounding filter that really manipulates any sound put into it). The OS is different but easier to use, especially the mixer. The only cons I can think of are that the LCD light is naturally dimmer and burns out fairly quickly and that you can't do realtime quantize rolls(1/16 to 1/32 rolls), unlike the 2000's. Still though it doesn't take much to program them anyway. Also there's no graphic editing of loops like the 2000's. Personally I do this editing in my computer so I don't miss it at all. Overall this tank built workhorse is a tight, tight, tight sequencer and gets the hands on creative juices flowing immediately(something a computer still has trouble doing and I have a titanium with every bit of software known to man). Long live the MPC3000 (Great moments in MPC3000 history DJ Shadow Entroducing, Dr Dre(NWA)

posted Monday-Nov-04-2002 at 15:19
ssmg a professional user from bk newyork writes:
the mpc3000 is the ultimate mpc. i would love to see all mpc3k users petition akai to do an upgrade for the 3000. i feel its only right for all program and sequence files to be shared byall mpc's. akai must really dont want to capitolize on the full profits that can be made from the entire mpc series. imagine an mpc3000 reading wave files!!! or a 3000 with crazy memory like the 2000xl. mpc3000 users unite!!!! lets get on roger linn or akai and get the 3000 upgraded!!! and 4 the record...its me and my mpc3k till the end yo!! ya heard!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-02-2002 at 19:42
Truman "Big Tru"Jefferson a professional user from USA writes:
It's not about what you got but what you do with it that counts. I got my first platinum award from song number 10 on 2pac's second CD and I used a setup of an MMT-8 sequencer, Roland S-330, a R-8 and the first Proteus. Now I just use the MPC and and the Motif and get top notch results. But it's the MPC that puts me over the top. Nothin' comes close in terms of reliability and ease of use. And it makes yo' beats fat!!!! And that's where it all starts. At least for me as a producer of tight beats and songs. The MPC is THE best machine for music production!!!!!!!!!Period!!!!!!! But the MPC3000 has the most used and most needed features. THe MPC4000 has more space as far as hard drive but it doesn't compare to the MPC3000. I'm a platinum producer and I keep it real. MPC3000 for president. FEEL ME !!!!!??!!??!?!?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-30-2002 at 10:50
Vincent Fries a professional user from Munich writes:
The fattest of all MPCs is the MPC3000! In my opinion only a few features are missing: Highpassfilter, Bandpassfilter, Trackmute per Pads, more internal FX. If it had these features it would be the fattest drumsampler in the world! But as we know "the perfect machine" of Akai doesn´t exist until now.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-23-2002 at 08:13
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