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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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FloFlood from Hamburg/Germany writes:
Thanks to acme posted Tuesday-Nov-28-2000 (professional user from london uk) this thread: ______________

my first experience with an mpc was about 9 years ago ,the mpc6011. it made me some pretty sucessfull records.after which i then decided on moving up to cubase atari then mac which pretty much made my downfall in the music biz .i just found my inspiration lost since moving into software seqs & wasting about a year on about 4 finished tracks. anyway last year i thought fuck this crap im gonna either give up 4 good or i have to do something drastic to my studio to get back my i sold my mac g3/g4 half of my synths (i'm now left with 2 only) & got an mpc 3000 le .it pretty much changed my life ,everything feels right again even a crap tune has something good about it . i liked it so much i decided to get an mpc 2kxl & used it for about 6 months before i realized that the mpc3k le just had something more special about it .the sound of everything just had a bit more grunt & power & definetly more bass the 2 kxl is still a good machine & more suited to drum'n'bass (160/180bpms) because it has a tighter more straight feel than the mpc3k le which seems to be more suited to slower bpms(140 to 80) for garage r'n'b/hip hop & in my experince has more of the classic sound of the mpc 60/60mk2 which im very much used to. ______________

That's what i need to read and for what i spend my time cruising. It's all ideas and usability!

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-12-2002 at 09:33
PETER MCKENZIE a professional user from BROOKLYN NY USA writes:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-05-2002 at 00:21
mpc 3000 is so good. from japan writes:
If you like old hiphop sound,ex, Dj Premier or old Gfunk. You shouid get a MPC60.But you want sounds like bad boy, rodney jerkins or Ruff riders.You should choose mpc 3000,not a 2000.2000 is not bad but not good.2000 is better for drumn bass,or pops.Most important things is not FUNCTION, SOUNDS AND FEELING OF GROOVES.Your thing is HIPHOP.YOU SHOULD MPC3000! OR 60

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-04-2002 at 12:37
Roxstar a part-time user from Detroit writes:
I managed to use of of these in a studio, and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I don't have $2500 to buy one, but I managed to buy an XL. After going back to the studio again, and playing tracks I made on the XL in the 3000, I have to admit, for the extra $1500 I saved, I would NOT want the 3000. I'm not saying it's ont any good, but as far as how it sounds, it simply doesn't justisfy spending that much extra. The extra fatness can be aquired by simply hooking up a mixer to your XL, and turning up the bass a little. Seriously, and for the extra cash you spend, you don't even half of the features that the XL comes with.. actually, the MPC2000 has more bells and whistles. The 3000 is nice, don't get me wrong, but the only people that are going to give props to it are the ones that have that kind of money to buy it, or they are jear junkies and want to blow up their friends ego. "I have an MPC2000.. ohh yea, well, I use a MPC3000." Try one before you buy it, and then use an XL, or even a MPC-60. The help buttons are nice, as well as the option for a computer monitor (it shows up as monochrome.. remember the old PC's.. nasty) No Graphical editing, no timestretch, no re-sampling and a bigger price tag. That's not nice.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-26-2001 at 10:38
David a part-time user from New York writes:
Hmmm. It seems like the classic "no the MPC3000 is crap,No the MPC2000XL is crap" thing going on here!!

I will agree and disagree with both the previous reviewers. It's obvious that they both have strengths and weaknesses. But why go into detail? The only way to know if a piece of gear is right for you is to play with it for good amount of time.

As for the guy "MS from Boston" being a new schooler, I think "XL" misread what he is saying. It sounds like he means that if your new to sampling, the MPC3000 non graphical way of sampling can be a pain in the ass and should be looked at more closely if your looking at buying a sampler. And I think if "MS" "believes in making music with his eyes rather than his ears", he would not be using a MPC at all and would not bother posting something like this. I think he would be saying "Reason is cool" or something like that.

I do know people who make music with both can do amazing things with them.This is beginning to sound like one of those threads you see on Analogue Heaven bout 303's ( There cool!, they suck, etc!). Peace- David

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-28-2001 at 21:22
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