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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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gf from gf writes:
I own the mpc3000 and the mpc2000xl and i linked them so i got 6 Midi-Outputs. It`s a killer-Sequencer-Combo!

When i load the drumsounds to a mpc i really dont give a fuck wich one(3000 or 2000) sounds better! There are no big differences! I love my 3000 more but just because it LOOKS so much better than the 2000!!

At the end u cant hear in a Song if it`s made with the mpc2000,3000 or cubase!

If the design is not important for you - go 4 the 2000xl!!

p.s. I got an ensoniq asr10 too and its sounds so much better than all the akai samplers!!

posted Tuesday-Sep-04-2001 at 09:36
Derick Anderson a part-time user from DFW Texas writes:
I gotta agree with "ernie and bert" (ok) about the Sequential 440. That review brought back some memories. I used a 440 for years, and was was going to replace it with the MPC3000 in the early 90s. I bought one at Guitar Center, played with it for 2 weeks, and took it back, and still use the 440 today. Can't edit samples with the 3k like you can on a 440, and the 440's filters are astoundingly great. If I recall, the 3k dosen't even have any filters? No comparison whatsoever. The 440 is the machine the 3k should have been. Just try finding one tho. I know people who have been searching for 5+ years. Most 440's seem to be in europe. IMHO, they are worth twice what the 3k's are worth.

posted Monday-Aug-27-2001 at 12:24
MPChead a professional user writes:
you'll never understand until you try it... 3k's sound better and are way easier and fun to use. Not to mention more stable (OS wise) built with MUCH higher quality internal and external components, and to be superficial about it, they look a hell of alot better. 2k's are not better, just cheaper. Cheaper says it all. Cheaper built. Cheaper sounding, and cheaper feeling.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-27-2001 at 02:29
Ernie and Bert a professional user from Spain writes:
Pretty cool drum machine/sequencer (I have the MPC3000LE), however, my old Sequential Circuts Studio 440 kicks the living-shit out of it! No kidding! Pure Sequential analog fiters on every voice + extensive editing/looping ability. I'd give the MPC3000 a solid 5.5/10, and the 440 a 9.5/10. If you MPC3000 users ever find a 440, use it, and you'll never look at a 3000 the same way again. The 3000 will feel like a huge step down.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-25-2001 at 03:05
RON GREEN a professional user from US writes:
I still have and use an original MPC3000 ( since they first came out in 95), and mine stays on 90 percent of the time . It does get a little hot but not exceptionally. I've never had any problem with it with the exception of loose screws internally and now the screen is beginning to fade. My biggest problem , even though it's my favorite piece of gear ever, is with Akai and the fact they stopped supporting the 3000 ,even with O.S. upgrades (even though they released the LE version, still same old O.S. from 6 years ago). Also they never saw fit to make it truly interfacable with computers. I should also add that I sell ( and push MPC's ) everyday. I also owned a MPC60 before and own a MPC2000XL now too. Talk to ya , Ron G.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-15-2001 at 21:30
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