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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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djslip a professional user from usa writes:
You can indeed use 16 meg 30 pin simms in a 3000. I have done this mod to 5 machines and it works great.

posted Wednesday-May-30-2001 at 22:43
Arthur Rombouts a professional user from Holland writes:
I recently hooked my 3K up to a iomega jaz drive. And it works fine ! One gigabite (actually about 700/800 Mb) is even cooler than the 'standard' 100 Mb zip drive. Happy days are here again !

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-15-2001 at 18:33
synthfreak a hobbyist user from Jupiter writes:
Olaf, I knew you were being sarcastic. Why can't people understand that? read the post before Olaf's and you'll understand why he said what he said. Sheesh.

Oh and the MPC series is great no matter what number you put behind it. It's simply my favorite sequencer. I don't even used the internal sampler on it half the time so it's bit rate doesn't mean much to me. I use it to sequence other gear which it does brilliantly. 5 out of 5!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-09-2001 at 15:16
mr truth a professional user writes:
It's a dope box. My weapon of choice in fact. But don't sweat the 2k tho' if you don't have the money for the 3k, they're both top of their fukkin class in drum machines.

12-bit samplers not professional!? Go tell that to DJ Premier so he can laugh in your face. He still uses the mighty MPC-60.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-09-2001 at 10:22
anonymous a professional user from NY, NY. USA writes:
o.k. o.k. ok........its like a never ending debate!!! 3000vs2000vs2000xl....First of all lets look at one thing....HYPE!!Most of the hip hop/R&B producers that I look up to and that i'm sure a lot of you guys look up to started in the early to mid '90s. At the time the only MPC out there was the 3000 (and 60). If it had been the 2000 or 2000xl that's probably what they would of used to produced some of the timeless classics they have!!! ITS NOT THE MACHINE ITS WHO'S BEHIND IT!!! furthermore think all the new cats out there working like crazy with the 2000 who will produce chart topping hits, I'm sure in 8 years from now when they have an MPC8000 young producers will say that the 2000 is the shit, not the 8000!!!(that's if Akai is still around!!) Don't get me wrong I own and love the 3000 but man , just remember its about the beats!!! you heard......

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-02-2000 at 19:02
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