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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Jahrome a part-time user from Don Echelon Studios writes:
To be hones with you, I am disappointed with the burning feature. It is not what I expected it to be (although I probably would not have used this function too much any way). You can only burn what is in the MPCs memory. I guess this feature is nice if you have a large project and you wanted to store it byitself on a CD. I was hoping that I could burn finished tracks. Maybe that will be coming soon...Anyway, to burn to CD, you must first install a blank recordable CD-R/RW in the CD Writer. I use an external SCSI CD Writer w/ my MPC. Then, turn on the MPC 4000. Go to the load or save menu. Next screen select utility. At the top of the screen, you should scroll until you get to "Memory to CD" option. Select "Do it" and the MPC will burn its entire memory to the CD. Hope this info is useful.

posted Wednesday-Jan-08-2003 at 03:34
Jahrome from writes:
As promised, the CD-R/CD-RW burning feature on the MPC 4000 is now available in OS Version 1.40. Visit to download the free OS.

posted Wednesday-Jan-01-2003 at 04:40
Jupiter-6 a professional user from USA writes:
A serious machine for a serious user!!! There is nothing out there that can touch it!!! The interface is wicked and editing on this bad boy is hot. I don't care which platform you throw at it PC/MAC, these simply can not match the power of the MPC4000. Atari is the closest and this is stretch. Computers like PC/MAC are best left in the 1900's when it comes to music and simply can not compete with the stability/realiablity of the MPC4000!!! If you're a serious musician it's time to use a machine built for the 21st century!!! PC/MACs of the 1900's are best used in the office, for the internet, or word processing/databases not for serious music applications.



Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-06-2002 at 13:38
Leo a professional user from USA writes:
The MPC4000 is great!!! It's like having the best PC or MAC without the crashing!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-06-2002 at 13:27
Tadao Nishimura a hobbyist user from Japan writes:
The MPC 4000 has the following features/improvements over the previous MPC's: 4 Q-link knobs and 2 sliders for 'Real Time Control'of assignable functions such as Vol, pan, pitch, release, attack, decay, resonance, cut off, LFO depth, CTRL change, and more. It also has a full spec sampler, a first in the MPC line of workstations. The previous units were basically good for sampling drums. This new unit can be loaded with strings, pianos, or what ever else you see fit and used just like a synth. This new MPC has added useful effects, another first in the MPC line of samplers. The previous units had effects but they were limited and the sound of them were average. This unit has over 50 effects such as compressors, limiters, gates, enhancers, tape echo, pitch corrector, auto wah, etc. The two USB ports are very nice. I can easily transfer samples back and forth from my PC to my MPC. Although the MPC has extensive sample editing features, I can use other sample editing programs I already own such as Sound Forge and easily tranfer these edited samples via the USB port back to my MPC. This unit also has graphic sequence editing, a very nice touch. Editing my sequences are done very quickly and doesn't interfere with my creativity. The addition of internal drives is also nice. Here in Japan, you can order the units without the internal hard drive and CDRW drive. This is a nice cost saving feature. The MPC 4000 uses standard IDE drives. So I don't have to pay for the over priced merchant installed drives. For 20,000 yen($165) I easily installed a 60 gig hard drive and a 24X CDRW drive, although I can't burn CD's as of the latest OS. This is a feature that is suppose to be coming soon. The ADAT digital option is also a first. My MPC easily intergrated with my digital set up. My conclusion is that the 260,000 yen($2150) I spent on my MPC 4000 was worth it. I know that many can't afford that. There are cheaper alternatives for working class musicians but with much less features. This new MPC will stand the test of time like the MPC 3000(introduced in 1992) and still sells for over $1600 with very few bells and whistles. 4.5 of 5 beacuse the promised CD burning features are not yet implemented.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-02-2002 at 19:01
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