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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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marty mkfly a professional user from cleveland writes:
hahahah, dats wuts rong wit yall & dis hiphop shit! da 4000 just has more features, but da best feature it dont got is dat wick'it 60 roger linn sound! LONG LIVE DA MIGHTY MPC60

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-31-2005 at 21:51
Neal Helton (Daysun) a hobbyist user from Maryland writes:
I love this machine. The sounds are great. I love to create and resample my sounds. I create tracks with ease. I am begining to learn how to use the Q-link option. This is a great machine. I only wish they would hurry up with their updates because the MV8000 is on a slow come up. Especially with J. Dupree producing all those hits on it. But for those who love just blaze, he uses the 4000.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-25-2005 at 10:34
Bridge a professional user from Miami,Fla. writes:
I have either owned or worked with all the Mpc's from the 60I, still own the 60II , 2000,still own the 2000xl and still owned the 3000, This mpc 4000 is by far the most incredible and more awesome than all of it's prevouis predecessors.I do own the Mpc 4000. I purchase this one in March of 2004.I have the latest Os(1.60)version. So to all you that are reading my comments I am not a commentor without the goods. I plan to sell my other's through E-bay. This beast of a machine sounds supberb, drum tracks very punchy with authority and clean ,clean in any studio set up professionally or at home. Midi and Sync timing the best. Also the beats are stellar as ever. If you are a new cummer in the buisness , This machine is a hit maker especially for dance music, hip hop,and really if you program correctly all genre of music.For those of you in doubt ,this is the future of music. Cut the quantize off and you can play and sound like a live drummer also with you project.. It can create samples from 24 bit super clean) to 12 bit(old school dirty sound).You can Create FX effects before or after you sample a sound.You can create samples from a sample with new sample(with new names). You can change tempo in a song or extend a sequence and change tempo's very easy now. You can sample a sound and edited it louder or softer to get whatever power you want from the outputs . Beleive it or not the 4 FX sounds are as good as you make it to be for your creating style If you don't like it you can use an external effect for your mix in your music.You now have 16 tunning ablities and 16 velocity levels. Burning your sequences and programs they way in set them(icluding drum lay out seq. order , names of all your sounds seq.,project and etc.) in tact to later recall it in the same format to Cd is excellent The learning curve ,I will tell you will take practice and time. But for those of you contiplating getting one don't think about it just get it one quickly, the mpc 4000 is quickly becoming the industry standard. For those complaining Once you really understand this is not a 2000xl or 3000 , they had their turns, This is designed for the future muscians. You will understand. It's user friendly with your computor(usb), wave file import, export and you can use a monitor or keyboard. in other words 'If I go into details this will not be a comment , this easily would be a book about the amazing abilties of this machine. What I would like to see in future upgrades OS's is the abilty to create audio cd. Maybe? possible , 'I hope!!. Akai good job :-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-11-2005 at 12:38
didgerydave a professional user from usa writes:
Ive been making beats since 1999 and let me tell you since i got my mpc 4000 making beats it a breeze. I just got it a week ago and im flying through it. ive been using a yamaha rm1 x and just sold my yamaha su 700 . What a piece of Sh**! they both are. Ive learned more about the MPX literaly in one hour than i have working with the yamaha and other sequncers in a 5 year period. Another thing about the mpc is and my friend told me this who is a proffesional akai user,is there is somthing about the mpc when your making beats on it. The mpc seems to bring out more creativity when your using pads to produce instead of keys. I still use both But it seems the Mpc takes the music out of making music. Translation no headachs very easy to use. NOTE: for all you new music producers, stop buying wanabie music crap and toys and save up and buy the mpc it dosent have to be the 4000 just mabey a 2000xl. A giant weight on my shoulders has been lifted ever since i bought mine just trying to pass on the advice.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-22-2004 at 08:57
DreamSequence a part-time user writes:
Most of these reviews are coming from a hip-hop or electronica angle. I use the MPC4000 as a studio tool where it fills a lot of niches. It's the world's best drum machine, of course. 24 bit samples sound much better than 16 in the context of a rock mix going to tape. With the right samples it can sound like a real drummer...a very tight one. Other drum machines don't do this well at all. It also stripes smpte for my multitrack, and syncs perfectly I might add, which I could never get Sonar to do (via MTC...smpte is the only way). It also is my sampler, and a damm good one, for flying stuff into the mix, "fixing" parts that are not re-playable, and for "incidental" sounds (if you're just laying a wurlitzer track into the background, no one's going to tell that its a sampler...if you have good samples. This saves rental costs and hassle). I have also pressed it into service as a CD burner and the riaa phono preamp comes in handy as well! And all of these tasks are handled MUCH more efficently than if I tried to use a computer for these things, because of that killer interface it has. I can keep the computer out of the tracking room, and just use it for editing and mixdown, where it doesn't get in the way. The MPC concept was created back in the analog multitrack era, and so for those of us who prefer to work that way, it is far more suitable than more expressly electronica & hip-hop oriented machines such as the MV8000, ASR series and so on.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-01-2004 at 01:49
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