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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Thou shall not eat pork a part-time user from Middle East writes:
OS Version 1.33 is the most current. Way too many people talking about 'Bugs'. But they give no specifics. Why?? Because they never used the unit and are just repeating about what they heard. Any musical insturment/PC or what ever built around a software OS will have potential bugs that m,ay have to be fixed. My computer is running XP. This programs has bugs but that doesn't mean I'm going to scrap my PC. Ok, let's talk about features: The sampler has 24 bit resolution w/ sampler rates up to 96 KHz and has built in 4 channel 56 bit effects. Up to 512 mb memory. Start by pricing a hardware sampler with those features. The sequencer can hold 128 sequences and 128 tracks. Has 4 MIDI outs so you can control up to 64 independant MIDI channels. That's enough to easliy control my two keyboards, and my two rack synths. Comprehensive graphic editing of sequenced tracks. Price a hardware sequencer that can compare. Add the large 320x240 LCD screen, PC connection via USB, 16 touch sensitive pads, 192 filters/26 filter types, balanced TRS/XLR inputs and outputs, 6 bank pads to quickly acess up to 96 different sounds and more. Now do the math. You can not get these features for under $2200 which is the starting price for the MPC 4000. A maxed out MPC 2000xl w/ the new filter unit costs more than the 4000. A hardware samplers w/ half of the features of the 4000 cost $1000 easily. Harware sequencers with half the features of the 4000 easily costs $1000. If costs is an issue, by a cheap software sequencer, and sampler, and a sound card. You can get away with that for under a $1000. Just hope that the 'Bugs'in your windows OS doesn't crash your PC and lose all your work. My 5 of 5 is for the price. You can buy an old Akai S2000 sampler(or even EMU), Roland MC50 sequencer, and Yamaha DX-7 synth for $500. But you still won't have the capabilities of the MPC 4000. Remember, you get what you pay for. It would be absurd to price the 4000, which has much more to offer that the Ultimate 2000 Xl, at a lower price.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-02-2002 at 06:13
Thou shall not eat pork a hobbyist user from Middle east writes:
The price of a new MPC 4000 ranges from $2100-$4000 depending where you buy it from. The MPC 2000 xl with all the options will cost you about $2100 in the US. The 4000 as well as all the other MPC's are excellent for loops. As far as bugs there are not many any more. Akai just released OS version 1.33. There have been OS updates almost every month since it's initial release, each time adding new features. "Bugs" are not an issue on this unit. As far as effects, the new OS just added more real time controls. Akai tech support have been really good at listening to us consumers. Every major bug was fixed promptly and new features are on the horizon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-29-2002 at 22:34
Steveski a professional user from UK writes:
Being an MPC fan for 12years I was delighted to upgrade from my MPC3000 to the MPC4k. As typical of Akai there was a slight learning curve from the 3k to the 4k. No problems there. However the problem was transferring my 3k sequences to the 4k. Whilst the 4k read the data okay, it did not transfer the output settings (i.e Midi out A-D). This has been an absolute howler for the Akai software team who I have e-mailed without any reply. I have over 600 sequence files and you can imagine the length of time that it would take for me to do this manually. Does anyone have any ideas or am I being silly and missing something here. I am using O/S 1.30.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Oct-13-2002 at 09:08
nick@sonic writes:
Just for the record - we don't recieve any kind of payment from Akai or anyone else to censor here. I'm not familliar with the post you mention but we do have several monitors here and everyone can be flexible in what they see fit for inclusion. I will check back and see for myself but just for the record:

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posted Monday-Oct-07-2002 at 08:45
Test a professional user from USA writes:
I purchased my MPC4000 when it first came out. I am saving up for the 8 Analog Outputs right now. I love the MPC4000, I have been able to sequence tracks alot easier and faster. The tech support response from Akai has been quick. I also have the MPC2000XL.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Oct-02-2002 at 01:07
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