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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Joe Blast a professional user from US writes:
Looking for the 300 Upgrade for a MPC 60. If you have a idea of where I can get the chip in the US, holla at:


posted Friday-Aug-24-2001 at 02:05
Fred Flinstone a professional user from bedrock rockin shit writes:
OMG holy christ, Justin (JB), has finally has come around and admitted that that the MPC2000XL can accomplish the same thing as the 60! This is a major breakthrough! I am delighted that you'll now be standing up for the 2kxl instead of making disparaging marks against it.

Lets also not forget that it has the wave display on the MPC2000XL which makes it much easier to take out pops and clicks in old vinyl with the "silence section" edit function. I do it all the time, since you can see the actual click and where exactly it is in the sample (loop or hit) you justs isolate as small a section as possible (that still has the entire waveform of the click) and silence it, there's no perceived section of silence in the sample. This would be time consuming if not impossible to do on an MPC3000 and below.

...and yes, the MPC60 sounds a little better, but with the 2000XL you can push samples down the scsi chain to the pc fo editing in wavelab, soundforge etc...can't do that on the 60.

Personally, I like the interface on the 2kxl better then the 3000, honestly. The few extra menus do not hinder me, even thought the 3000 has more buttons there's also menus to go through once you press those so it's not easier to me. anyway there not all that different (UI's atleast), they're all easy to use besides the 60 with the old O.S.

..also for me atleast the slice function (2kxl) is invaluable for when you're not using a pc along with it.

I give the 60 4 out of 5 by todays standards because of the lack of sampling time which I do consider to be problem, I chop my samples extensively BUT having to limit myself to short samples initially is not helpful IMO. Especially not 5 seconds (old o.s. on 60), not as bad as the ridiculous 2.5 seconds per sample on the sp1200 though. Here's to bashing old gear that I love, cheers...I'm still getting an emax mk1 someday and the 60 is classic because of it's build quality.

MPC2000XL RULES....for now

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-09-2001 at 10:16
JB a professional user from UK writes:
OS version 3.1 for the MPC60 removes the short time limit of an individual sample, it also allows you to effectively double the memory again using data compression, if Shadow has a Mk2 MPC60 running v3.1 he would effectively have four times the amount of sample time compared to an unexpanded Mk1 MPC60.

Also, with multi-tracking, SMPTE, and a lot of patience sample time is no longer an issue.

It's all about "ideas" and that project probably wouldn't have been that much different if he'd have used an MPC2000XL (as much as I hate to admit it).

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-09-2001 at 07:13
vinyl fiend a hobbyist user from NYC writes:
DJ shadow used an MPC-60MKII and an ADAT to make the best sample based records ever!!! ENDTRODUCING/Preemptive strike

I heard shadow would dump all 32 pads on an ADAT stereo pair.... and then just sequence/layer and sequence and layer and sequence! Sure the 60 only has like 21.7 seconds fully expanded and a 5 second limit on each pad.... But if shadow succeded in making some of the best records ever released with this MPC60 baby...

You can bet your sweet patoot I know that I can too!!

posted Wednesday-Aug-08-2001 at 17:28
Giotto a professional user from Atlanta writes:
I slaved away with computer sequencing for my first year or two making tracks and got nowhere. Then heard about the huge following the MPC60 had built up, and after talking to a lot of people, realized it was my way out of software sequencer hell.

When I finally got mine, it was all over. I swear it is the smartest piece of gear ever designed. I have never looked at the manual. I learned the entire thing in about three days, but it still amazes me how efficient and smooth it is. That combined with the fact that it's probably the thumpinest, most chunky-assed drum sampler on the planet....yeah, a 1200 is crunchier, yeah a prophet has lots of stuff you can play with, and yeah, the MPC60 has no filters and so on and so forth.... BUT, in terms of the balance of elements an MPC60 does bring to the table: an interface you could write home to momma about, six-large build quality that has the feel of a rolls royce, and a sound that aniallates all-comers, while still being useable in ANY genre...

Well boys and girls, that all adds up to one of the top five greatest pieces of synth gear ever created. Get yours, build beats, and prosper.

mad respect, giotto

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-13-2001 at 00:56
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