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Peter F. Spiess a professional user from Germany writes:
I used the MPC 60 II a lot on my "crystal polymorphs" album (experimental house/tech music, see: for information and mp3 examples). The 12 bit sound of this machine is really great and unique. I use the MPC 2000xl in live situations. But in comparison the MPC 60 II is built much better and is capable of a lot, even if it lacks many features of the newer MPC models. The OS update available from Roger Linn updates the machine to contemporary standards.(MPC 3000 functions) I really love it a lot.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-08-2001 at 10:53
luciano a professional user from usa writes:
Id like to comment for the 2nd time here....let me say this I went and got the linn upgrade for my 60 and after thinking it over and weighing out my options...although I love my mpc2000xl for its bright screen vs the dull blue of my 60.....these two pieces are so much alike im selling one....guess which one....since i got scsi on the 60 things aint so slooooowwww anymore and even with all the graphic (bullshit)editing that the 2000xl does I decided to keep the 60 just because...for starters its hummer like qualities..built like an army vehicle..2) roger linns os never froze on me...3) the resampling blows my mother on the 2000xl and she got a lil one...4.)I spent weeks transfering over all my mpc2000 libraries into 60 format and they sound better than ever!!(e-mail me for pricelist)...and 5)to cap it all off the mpc2000xl only can utilize 50,000 sequencing notes at a time....and the mpc60 has 60,000 notes you can use all at once...isn't 300,000 notes a lil deceiving especially when you only have 2 midi outputs to use...and if you need more than 60,000 notes you may just need to hire a real orchestra for your gig assssshoooollle!!!!!!!!so all in all the mpc60 still gets 5 stars the mpc 2000xl gets 4 from me even though it has more features it is also a 1999 model and the 60 is a 1991 model..look at the competition in 91 compared to the 2000xl,s in 99 and you'll know why the 60 (grandaddy with the good pure genes)really beats out(lil spoiled lazy grandkid) the 2000xl overall....roger linn didn't do it alone and he may have gotten toooo much credit but when these corporate jap bastards screw us a lil more each year by giving us "hyped up" promises of improvements and features that really suck or don't work at all...well then that makes me go out and buy more cautiously thats why im seperating the 2......the mpc60 is my sequencer/drum(kicks n snare sampler)and the emu e6400ultra is my REAL sampler...with REAL features and REAL fx ...the mpc2000 shouldn't even have 32meg capabilities because it really can't handle them....HONESTLY.....the 60 feels like a cadillac sedan deville..smooth, plush, a lil slow but a real luxury overall...the mpc2000 feels like a cadillac catera...cute still a caddy but really just a HYPED UP chevy lumina....ya get my drift the right thing...truly yours spike...i uh... mean LUCIANO...anyone who would like to check out my sound libraries please e-mail me also got an sp1200 so you could imagine...Im all drums baby bigtime kicks and snares thumpin subs that crackle,and gritty hats that'll make any song REALLY BANG!!!!!I make these in mpc60 floppies...mpc2000 cd-roms and floppies or sp1200 floppies also I have tons of kits for the asr-x as well......peace peeps.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-21-2000 at 17:08
Luciano a part-time user from u.s.a writes:
First off let me say ....I have both the mpc 60mk2 and the new mpc2000xl....Let me start with the 60mk2 to say this is built TONKA TUFF and compared to the 2000xl it looks more"PROFESSIONAL" but it is SLLLLOOOOWWWW as two turtles fucking uphill. I have linked both sequencers up and they are the same thing...the mpc60mk2 has a much "WARMER" sound with a bit more THUMP in its kicks but for compatability the 2000xl reads all of my 60mk2 sounds and sequences very do lose a little in your bottom end sounds and it seems like the 2000xl trims the samples a bit as it loads them....NOW the 60mk2 has 4 midi outs which is awsome the2kxl only has 2 midi outs......Roger Linn started a great piece but all he did was the OS not the sequencer or the overall product......I think he gets way more credit than deserved.AKAI had him come in on the middle of production to finish the OS..if you want versatility get the 2000xl becuz it reads 16 bit wav,mpc60,mpc3000,s1000/1100 and a heap of other shit....yes it looks more like a toy but looks arent everything and as far as the 60mk2 you should do what i did get it and link the two of them together youll have 6 midi outs ,4 midi ins,12 bit and 16bit sampling plus the 60mk2 will be worth much more 10 years from now and the 2000xl will probably be reduced to lunch money...AKAI made a cool piecein both of them.....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-20-1999 at 00:03
john a hobbyist user from USA writes:
this is my primary piece of "kit"(for you Brits out there :) i have the mkII version, also with the Linn upgrade. no scsi, i can wait for the disk to load. :)

it is very easy to sample on this machine, AND get high quality results on the first or second try. there is a decidely warm character to the 12 bit vs the 16 of the 3000 or the dreaded 2000. though 12 bit does not mean "noise", as some would have you believe. if you sample and trim correctly, you won't get any digital squeal, period! just warm punchy sound.

the downsides to this machine vs the 3000 is: the processor chip is only half as fast, no filter, and no 3-tap delay (which is very cool in the 3000). however, there is a effect send jack that you can hook to an outboard delay unit.

the one feature i really wish it had was a looping parameter. so you could loop a sustained sound, like a string or chorus sample. this means that you need at least one keyboard to be a self-contained underground dance meister.

great machine!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-03-1999 at 02:52
Rufus de Wit a hobbyist user from Netherlands writes:
altough the MPC60 is somewhat becoming a dinosaur with its big size{495(w)x 127(h)x 471(d)mm} and its 80186 cpu, you really gotta love this machine for its looks and its feel. It is so easy to sample something and bang out a beat. Especially for hiphop oriented music, an MPC is a must have. I used to make music with my cubase and a sample, but when I got to play with the MPC at school, I immediately fell in love with it. 'Everything' in one package, no more setting up cubase and calculating the BPM with my calculator, you just tap your tempo and you're off. Tough it is essential that you have OS 3.10 by Roger Linn installed.Before OS 3.00 there were some nasty features as sequence memory was totally erased when you entered sample menu and and the sound just played to the end.Also when you loaded as sound into a pad it was not possible to alter that assignment.But With OS 3.10 that all has changed as it bring the machine up to date with most MPC 3000 features. It brings you the 'programs' structure and many other features such as as the mono and poly mode of sounds, midi file compatiblity and a somewhat awkward method of stereo sampling, in wich you have ssample left and right separately and go to a menu that combines the sound automatically. It is also possible to compress the sound to halve its size, nice for that lo-fi feel, but I don't use it that much. Also its possible to hook something like a zip drive when you install the scsi. Altough I must say when you buy an MPC60 for ±$800 and you upgrade it to 3.10 pus the scsi, it'll set you back about $500. But with the MPC2000xl at ±$1500 you might want think that over.And on that finishing note,the MPC60 may be outdated, but I just love the look of it, remeniscing of an era in wich such music instruments were solely made for professionals ($5999 in'88- and way out of reach for me) and the way Akai used to build them: like a tank.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-25-1999 at 10:34
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