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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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john a professional user from uk writes:
Well i also tried this synth ina shop ove r anumber of occasions alongside a Ks5or whatever the new novations are called.They sounded very nice but i thought they sounded much like every other novation aside from the basstation because they have virtually indentical digital to analoguie convertors and programming algorothmns.I dont have cash for an andromeda but that didnt make me have to convince myself it sounded not as good as the cheaper synths and ive owned about 30 'true analogue synths and nord stuff etc.....i think anyone who thinks the andromeda sounds weak or less than the novation stuff is off there head or would like one but doesnt have the cash.....its a total load of nonsense.........and ive been makinga living selling electronic music for 10 years , owned and compared most analogue synths to hybrid stuff and i do like hybrid stuff....but i really cant understand how someone can really say the novations are as good a mix its just So odvious which ius which...i'm sorry...dont believe this guy...its a biased point of view....based on finacial issues.....didnt you notice the emphasis on this?shame......

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-30-2003 at 17:05
JBT from London writes:
As an ecstatic owner for 4 months now, I can definitely agree that nothing else sounds like the A6. I love the beautiful complex organic sound (sometimes fat, sometimes quite thin), and comparisons to other bits of kit are completely meaningless.

The fact that people are writing such emotional and defensive comments is the proof.

And thank goodness! If every single synth ever made sounded exactly like a Moog or a Prophet then electronic music would be dead would it not?

Alesis should be seriously congratulated.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-22-2003 at 12:57
bob a professional user from USA writes:
Ive got to say, that one mark of greatness is usually controversy..

Anyway, I have had my a6 for a few days now. I got it as a open box from the local GC. I can definitly say two things about it:

1. its one of the most unique sounds ive ever heard on a synth, and Ive played hundreds of them. The analog oscillators sound good, the filter (while a bit strange at first) is very nice to work with, and the control surface, while overwhelmingly complex, is also very inspiring. These are mostly subjective opinions, but then again music is a very subjective thing.

2. the digital envelopes are kind of weird to get your head around, but they work great. I like the combination of digital control + analog sound sources. I think you get the best of both worlds with this approach.

3. to both the bashers: why do you take this synths existance so personaly? You would think that when alesis announced it, the press release contained foul information about your mothers.

I think you should have to own or had owned one before you can post comments here. No way to validate it, but in all honesty, a 10 minute test drive in a guitar center with the shit poor monitors they provide is NOT going to give you an accurate picture of a synth. I usually buy it, play with it in my own studio, and then if I dont like it I use that 30 day return policy...

anyway, dont forget to take your blood preasure medication


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-07-2003 at 13:23
K! a part-time user from Madrid writes:

I have just to say that, having bought an A6 as my first analogue synth, I'm totally blown away.

I've had a Nord Lead 2, Oberheim OB12, Supernova II and Virus C (now only the Supernova II), and the "analogue" part of their "VA" tag is a joke. They are all great synths, they sound incredible on their own, but they can't even start to sound like the Andromeda. It is a world apart, on a totally different league.

Bash this synth all you want, it will still be one of the best pieces of gear you can put your hands on, period.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-04-2003 at 02:12
Dodeca a part-time user from Canada writes:
Just fired up the Sonic State A6 page for the first time.

Can't believe the amount of bashing I've seen on this thing. Out of jealousy, perhaps.

We've got one in our studio here, and many an established producer in the area has come by wanting to peek and tweak what they've been unable to. And have had their minds blown. There is so much packed into this thing, so much that can happen with each sound, plus the fact that it's 16 voice analogue... that it is jaw dropping.

So bash or no, it's a solid piece of kit that many of the bashers haven't yet touched. Or gotten under the hood of.

Oh, and the LFO was upgraded to be as fast as you want it in the latest OS. The benefit of digital LFOs and envelopes is the fact that they're upgradeable via software.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-03-2003 at 19:45
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