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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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John v. Thall a professional user from Australia writes:
I played A6 for a week and i think that it sounds great. You have to program your own sounds and u will see u can make everything. I have to tell u this, don't get me wrong but u guys are really wrong if u think that u need great synths to make great music. Some of the best music i ever heard came from people with minimal equipment. I heard a breakbeat track caled Nirvana on the, and this dude made this trak only with a cheap Yamaha QS 300 and Roland MC 303 and it kicks ass and sounds very original. Some people have big studios best synths and everything they make sounds the same. Sorry but u guys are wrong if u think it matters what u use, if u don't have talent, no synth in the world can help u. A6 is a beast. I like it and will use it, it is a modular system in a keyboard form.



Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Dec-09-2002 at 13:12
Me a professional user writes:
forgot to say that, guys, you cannot say that an A6 not capable of fat, warm analog sounds... (hey specially to ones who played with one for just an hour or two... thru the headphones... listening to the Factory Presets...) Go TRY / USE one for REAL. Than you may be able to judge for real... (of course it has it's own character and do not sound the same as the MiniMoog... but it is NOT a bad point. If all the synths sounded JUST LIKE the MiniMoog, won't you be bored ??? Well I would definitely stop making music !!!)

I think that many people judge too fast on any synths... they just "tried" for 30Mins or a Hour !? You can try Vintage stuffs like this... but not A6... it has so many possibilities !!! (it's not a mono analog synth with not effects... presets... etc...

If you know how to "exploit" (use...) any keyboard properly, you can ***always*** find something (sound or musical approach...) interesting to be used in music creation.

posted Saturday-Nov-30-2002 at 23:10
Kelly from Canada writes:
hmm... I have a feeling many of these negative comments are from peopl who have hit a few keys in the store and based their decision simply on that. I too have owned a Memorymoog, and played the Andromeda side by side with it. In consequence, I sold my LAMM (Lintronic Advanced Memory Moog) as the burdens of maintanence were no longer necessary owning a new and sturdy A6. It took me a few days to get past the presets - which were largely over-done - and to fill the user bank with my own explorations.

With all the parameters capable of modulation, and with the analog and digital effects, the temptation can be to make insane and complex set-ups that do seperate the A6's sound from its vanilla analog bretheren, but let me assure you, under all the optional make-up, a very warm, capable and unique analog heart beats. The filters are great for making analog drums noises. Pads are a synch, as mentioned, but not just watery Juno-types (although it can do this too) but vibrant Oberheim type pads. I also have a Big-Briar MIDI'd, Lintronic advanced MiniMoog, and side-by-side with my A6, have nailed to a T, some of my favourite Mini-Moog sounds with the A6. I will say that the Moogs can go places the A6 cannot, something in the low-mid Oomph dept., but the A6 is her own beast, and very capable of white-hot shearing synth leads that I've heard from no other analog from ARP to SCI. A unique and diminishing modern classic, take one up and treasure it before they are gone forever, all things said and done, this is argueably the best analog synth ever. One gripe - While the A6 features a metal body, I would have paid extra for wooden end cheeks, and heavier controls.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-20-2002 at 13:12
oliver a hobbyist user writes:
hi there! 1) VALUE i don't understand people who complain about the price of this jewel of analog technology. in fact it's the nords, waldorfs and other supernovas which are rediculously expensive in comparison. just watch the autotune routine and you will understand the complexity of analog equipment in comparison to "computer in a box" synhs.

it is true that ist is just not the same to program some software run on a DSP which calculates some waveform, then converted to audio and to design complex analog circuits, control them through a microprocessor an a comprehensive user-interface. the latter is a much much more complicated task and definitely worth it!!

CRAFTMANSHIP Well, it certainly is of the same subjective quality as the Vas. At least. The knobs don’t feel as solid as on the old moogs, i have to admit. But there again, the synth is much cheaper in real terms than the old analogs when they came out. let’s be fair. And there are a lot more knobs an buttons… would you be prepared to pay more than 4000 US for an A6 with better buttons… ?

2) POSIIBILITIES the A6 is truely made with love by people who must have been absolutely enthousiastic for what they did. the amount of parametres and the control you have over the sound is truely stunning. it comes very close to a analog modular in termes of flexibility and on some respects goes much an example you can control all the elements of the bandpass and notch filters and modify it's characteristics and route it parralel or in series to the 24db filter. Apply FM to all you want, use SYNC and RING-MOD… incredible. this yields stunning sonic diversity even with only one OSC on. vintage synths can't compete. they might sound different but are NOT as versatile. The only thing that might come close ist the oberheim MATRIX 12 but its envelopes are slow in comparison to the A6’s.

3) SOUND i own a lot of stuff. I personnally find that the sound IS very powerful and really has nothing to do with VA’s. i tested the NORD II, III, Q etc. and i really think you connot compare them to the A6 which stands way above them.( The virus sounds well, too.) It can sound very fat, thin or anything between. And its sound is not agressive to your ears ! ! the filters sound very good, especially the 12db mutimode. The 24db is not like the minimoogs but you can produce quite convincing bass drums with it. The only thing on my wish list would be the auto-calibration of the VCA’s to allow high VCO FM without sound differences between the voices. But this is a minor point because high FM sounds are very rarely indeed used in poly.

CONCLUSION This synth is the most powerful analog ever produced. If you don’t know analog or don’t need an instrument with a soul, that is alive pass on to VA. But all the others who appreciate the difference, it makes a great addition to your samplers, and digital stuff ! it is the real thing ! and, beleive me, it IS EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-24-2002 at 05:59
jllx a part-time user from USA writes:
After owning this synth for 3 weeks, I must say it is absolutely, the best, most unique synth available. No, its not a "workstation" in any sense of the your Triton or Motif for that, but it is what the JP-8000, Nords and Waldorfs can never be...TRUE analog. This is a monster, and it is VERY WELL engineered. I had heard that Alesis stopped producing them, so I was very apprehensive, but I figured "what the hell", it sounds GREAT! And I got an email straight from Alesis today saying that the "rumors" about its demise are is and will continue to be produced, there was only a lapse due to the moving of the facilities with the Numark purchase. Apparently there will be full continuous support for this true feat of engineering. Controls are well laid out and the different sized knobs make it easy to work with. They feel a little "loose" though, and I would prefer something more like the Mackie pots for this price of a synth, but as long as they hold up, I'm fine...

Don't waste your time with the analog "wannabes"...get this one. The only thing that comes close is the Waldorf stuff...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-11-2002 at 01:21
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