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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Hydrobilly a professional user from USA writes:
I am here to dispell the naysayers of the A6. I just bought one about a week ago and it is the most riduculously intense and deep synth i have ever used. I hear people saying that the knobs are cheap, but actually they feel great; fluid, precise, easilly manipulatible. the keyboard is excellent as well. the ribbon controller will blow you away! As well i hear people trying to compare the A6 to a virus. that is like trying to compare a palm pilot to a solar powered calculator. the A6 is of a different species altogether. Its architecture is true analog, hence the stucture, timbre, and texture of the sounds is in a different league than those of the virus. And YES, you can use the a6 as a modular synth. you can route any sound through its filters, and any of the specific filters can be chained in an infinite number of algorythms to process that sound. as far as the ability to create unbeleivibally complex patches, the A6 excells beyond the virus into the leauge of the Studio Electronics Omega 8 and the SunSynth by JoMox. there are something like 115 modulation ports which can all be routed to one another. the complexity of modulation possbilities is both vast and usefull.

All those who are talking shit about the A6 need to get your hands on one and truly explore the range of possibilites availible on this synth. you really need to experience the Andromeda to truly be able to fathom its depth and creative potential.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jun-10-2002 at 18:47
EX-OBX user a professional user writes:
I've been using an OBX and a moog source for over a year, and just sold my Obie for an A6. Was i mad? No! The A6 sounds at least as good as the OBX, and considerably better than the moog, which only really does good bass patches. All these naysayers criticising the A6 just don't have a clue, or just don't have the experience! Does it sound like every classic synth ever made? No, it sounds like itself, which is no bad thing, and the quality of the sound is brilliant. What may put people off are the abysmal presets it comes loaded with, and the cheap sounding effects. I must admit i felt close to suicide after powering up my A6 for the first time, having sold my treasured Obie, but i spent an afternoon programming my own patches, and havn't looked back since. And just switch those effects off! No-one but a pure-bred fool would lay down tracks with the effects already on anyway, and i didn't spend all that money on studio equipment just so i could ruin a great sound with some 18-bit reverb. So it doesn't sound exactly like an Oberheim, or a moog, but you can get the same sounds, with a subtly different tonality; if all you want is a synth museum in a box, you're missing the point! The real joy of this synth is it's programming flexibility. Like any good piece of kit it only gives out what you put into it, and it really is worth the effort! If you can't get a good sound out of it, you're not trying hard enough. So it doesn't hand it to you on a plate? So what, you've got to earn those royalty cheques somehow! OK, there are a lot of OS bugs, but it's way, way better than struggling with some 20-year-old 32-patch synth that needs to be serviced every 6 months just to keep it going! And i know i'm still going to be discovering programming tricks on this synth years after i might've gotten bored of a lesser machine. Some might say the knobs feel "loose," although i would say they feel "fluid," but that's a breath of fresh air to me, the knobs on my OBX were so heavy to use it gave me wrist strain, whereas this is a joy to programme. As for all this analogue vs. VA pants, i owned a NL2 and i know the difference, do any of you? They are different instruments! Of course you can't get an A6 to sound "as good" as a digital instrument (if you like that sound,) but you can't get a NL2 to sound "as good" an A6 if you're into analogue. It really depends on what sound you want. I just could not get my Nord to sound the way I wanted, and when i traded it for my OBX it was a revelation; i could instantly get exactly "that sound." So I coudn't get the Obie to sound as aggressive as the NL2, it didn't matter! To my ears the compensation was in the texture and softness of the analogue waveforms, a subtlety to the detune and sync sounds i just could never get on a VA. If you're into analogue you'll know exactly what i mean, and if you're into VA, well you're just looking for something completely different. So, don't believe the critics, believe someone who's used real vintage analogue in the studio; the A6 is, genuinely, as good as the best classic analogue synths. I know, i've done the A/B tests, and it sounds the business. Plus, you get the programming depth of a modular system in a tenth of the size (and weight!) Is there a downside? Well the OS was obviously rushed at the time of going to production, but if they get as far as V.2 this really will be the most awesome synth ever.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-04-2002 at 13:52
kk from Sweden writes:
After spending some more time on one of the few available A6's here in Sweden, I'm still not convinced... Some of sounds it is producing are truly awesome. Especially fat lead sounds and mellow strings... However, it feels like there is something missing, it doesn't have THAT sound which makes it truly stand out, like the MS-20, SH-101, SH-5.. for bread'n'butter analogue it will own though. Maybe I couldn't dive deep enough into?? It is still a great instrument, with a hefty pricetag mind you.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-27-2002 at 14:30
raoul a professional user from Tokyo writes:
the a6 is worth every penny... many are saying that its "overpriced" i disagree, i think its a bargain of a lifetime.

its an arp, a moog, a sequential... you name a sound, it can do it...

this thing is just mind boggling... anyone who rates this anything lower than a 5 has no clue in sound synthesis what-so-ever.

if you are remotely serious about music, buy it in a heartbeat.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-21-2002 at 17:36
daniel a part-time user writes:
Must admit it is a very nice sounding board, killer pads and everything in between. I'm sadden that I had to sell it, this board showed me the sound difference between real analog and virtual analog, which is full of presence and feeling. I still like VA's, but if you want the analog sound go for the A6. Nice job Alesis!! Hope to get one again : )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Feb-21-2002 at 23:35
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