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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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schism writes:
are you crazy??? you are saying the andromeda is thin and to get a NL3? I think you are the one who needs to be shot. And yes I have a NL3 and an Andromeda right here. I bought the NL3 for the interface. Its a totally different type of synth than the Andromeda for starters but there is no way its "phatter" or more complex. Blasphemy! To say you don't like the tone of a synth is fine but to call it "thin" is ridiculous...I will agree with you though that the FX are pretty bad when compared to pro fx but the NL3 doesn't have any FX other than distortion and what little you can create by knowing subtractive synthesis/some FM on the NL3 (such as osc phasing etc). You can create more on the Andromeda just with the modulation matrix. Later

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-12-2001 at 02:21
raVen lynch a professional user from san francisco, ca USA writes:
don't be fooled by the negative comments...this thing is a beast! i suppose it matters what type of music you do, as well as your ability to program synths, but this synth will be legendary! it even has a sound all its own, and at least for me, works beautifully to seduce those dark and brooding sounds to a point where they morph into exploding clouds of chaos.

but i'll be more than happy if people sell theirs fact, i might buy another one if the price is right.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-09-2001 at 17:49
ivor biggun a professional user from uk writes:
Deep bass like squelching porridge......get one now while you can stir it....I've bought 5 of these, everyone's different (all meant to be the same) much for consistancy......

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-05-2001 at 16:36
Spartan writes:
I played Q and I didn't like it. If anything, I'd rather get a Nord or Virus. I think that Q has been highly overrated and I'd rather spend the money or either Nord or Andromeda, which as we all know is the only non-vintage synth that's analog (not counting Omega and OBMx which some may count as vintage). So Andromeda is the way to go. If you want a VA, go for Nord (Modular is the best choice here) or Virus or even AN1x. Q sounds thin comaring to even AN1x! PEACE!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-29-2001 at 22:20
Disease a professional user writes:
I have to say it. I have had this thing for well over 2 months now.. And it is hands down, THE BEST analog i have ever owned. It can sound big, small, thin, wide, pady, stringy, metalic, bassy, and everything inbetween, and it excells at strange too.. It is smooth, harsh, agressive and pasive.. it is everything you can wish for in a synth.. all you have to do is program it to find out. if you listen to the presets, you will never know the potential. it is industrial, house, techno, trance, goa, 80s, electro,goth.. it is everything.. new age etc.. it can make any type of sound cept roland juno.. but i promise, it is very cool at what it does..

The power is in the envs, yes the osc is phat moog, the filters are ober and moog, but the envs are what allows you to really shape the sound into anything you can think ov.. I think this is the best synth i have ever played. i made extensive pads that are in unison, and dont cancel out due to the poly count beign so high, even odl analgos cannot do this. and VAs,, dont make me laugh. this thing is the GOD of all synths! you jsut have to spend some time behind it and learn, and the curve is not big, the envs seem confusing at first, but a run through the manual and hands on, i was flying in no less than 3 minutes. the screen rocks, and allows you to see everything and edit things to the extreme.. its great for seeing your matrix and seeing what is doing what.. etc..

it is worth 3 grand.. paying less is a steal..

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-25-2001 at 18:11
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