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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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AdamT a professional user from UK writes:
Imagine an Analog polysynth with the power of a MemoryMoog, the complexity of a Matrix-12, the Polyphony and reliability of a DX7, the solid build of a Wavestation (but in steel), a control surface with more knobs than any other Poly by far with NO Zipper noise and (bar poly-aftertouch), top expressiveness.

add to this all the mod cons that some VAs and digitals have - step sequencers, Arpeggiators, fancy screens, graphical readouts, MIDI controllability(soon) etc, 20 outputs, CV and filter inputs, 16-part multitimbrality with dynamic allocation the ability to store 384 patches on board (more on PCMCIA Cards - 2Mb gives you 1024!) and 256 multis. Tack on an Alesis Wedge on the sidechain inside and a big blue LED on the back and you have the Andromeda.

there are a lot of niggles and corners cut with vintage machines, even the best of them like the JP8, Matrix-12, Memorymoog, OB-Xa, Chroma etc so nothing is perfect.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-20-2001 at 16:25
Jack a professional user from Somewhere Else writes:
Best analog around. Does sooooo much!!! Wish it had three oscs and then it would be unstoppable!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-May-14-2001 at 17:26
Koos Fockens a hobbyist user from Devon, England writes:
Alesis, hang in there and keep promoting and bulding this great synth! I am in love with it, but I need time to save money for it, unless you guys at Alesis can supply it direct to me on interest free credit, it will take a while before I will buy one. Yes it is not quite finished yet( a great synth never is..), but what it does it does like no other, and it is very usefull too. just a few little things to iron out, but I'm sure you will! You deserve credit for your courage Alesis! Sonically, it's got everything most VA synths lacks, and call me sentimental, but I like the fact that it is out of tune when it first turns on!:-)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-09-2001 at 11:27
Mike a professional user from Canada writes:
The extensive sonic capabilities of the A6 have been fairly well established and users are right to be enthusiastic about the great opportunities for sound design that the A6's interface provides. The OS, however, is not entirely reliable, and potential buyers should be aware of this. Problems I have heard of (via my local instrument dealer) include: 1) Non - functional envelope control pots; 2) diplay suddenly goes blank or gets stuck on a single page layer (irrespective of the status of the display lock function). My own A6 has been exhibiting a major malfunction itself: When proceeding through the programs on the user bank or preset bank one, the thing suddenly, and apropos of nothing, jumps to preset bank two! Also, my A6 has begun responding to the transport commands of my MIDI sequencer with completely inappropriate program changes. This latter problem, of course, renders the machine essentially useless. These problems, originally intermittent, have only become worse over the last few weeks and the synth is now in for servicing. We'll see what happens. For a product that has only been on the market for a couple of months, I have heard of a disconcerting number of bugs - ranging from merely annoying to fairly serious. The Andromeda is an exceptional instrument but there are some people who are reacting to it as if it were manna from heaven or something. I don't want to rain on their parade but I do wish to make it known to people who seem exceptionally eager to recommend this instrument to others after having messed around with it in a music store for half an hour that, like any other instrument, the A6 has its flaws and (perhaps a little more than certain other instruments), can be prone to various malfunctions. Having raised these concerns, I still think that the Andromeda, is an exciting machine for creative sound design (as long as mine comes back fixed in short order!).

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Apr-25-2001 at 21:39
lorin a part-time user from USA writes:
I have only played it in a store (a few times now), so I can only go by my impressions at the time...

Right off the bat, this thing sounds has that organic wetness with a round bottom, it even gets that "dirt" in the sound like my old Jupiter 6. Although it didn't seem to have the same "mean, angry" sound my Jupiter would get, it may be because of the speakers it was set up to.

The panel is layed out nicely - you follow the signal route from left to right, it all makes sense. The screen is hella cool, but I found myself not even using it for the envelopes and such - it's real use is for scrolling through menu's.

The ribbon is weird - different than I thought (it feels like the material they make shoestings with, like a tight herringbone braided swatch of material) - but I found myself LOVING IT. I eneded up tapping it, scratching it, plucking is really, really cool. There is also a HOLD button on each side to HOLD the effect where you take your finger off. My only question is "Does it send Midi CC info???"

Basically, the store had to drag me away from it each time I played it (the closed on me). This synth is just hands down FUN.

Too expensive for me I'm afraid, for the money you could get a MS-20, a Jupiter 6, a Micro Q, and a Sherman Filterbank

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Apr-20-2001 at 17:48
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