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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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sunny a part-time user from netherlands writes:
it seems mentioning bugs ( that where collected and tested via the a6 user groups) seems to put some people "up". however, that's the facts, No software update sofar has solved the bugs and wishes prescribed before! requests of numerous users has met with No from numark sofar. it would be nice if people could stick to the facts gathered instead of keeping up a Mythe for commercial and/or selfish reasons

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-10-2005 at 06:32
Michel van Osenbruggen a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
Yesterday I bought an Andromeda A6. I really love it. I have many other synths, some considered to be collectables, but this one beats all the old analogues I have. It has a unique sound and many possibilities I'm just starting to explore it. Actually I promised my self only to but digital synth with SPDIF of ADAT since my whole studio is digital now. For this synth I'm willing to make an exeption. I you have the change buy one! Other recent gear I recently bought and also love: Roland V-Synth and Access Virus TI.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-04-2005 at 03:20
Aex a professional user from Italy writes:
I have read a last review. I'm an andromeda user and many other synth. Do not exist a perfect synth... All synth (expecialy the analog) have many bugs... I can't understand what sort of review is the last!!! About a sound... The andromeda is the Real Think, not Virtual, is a complete polyphonic anaog synth with an impressive numbers of features... The sound is powerfoul and warm. Many preset is very bad. With an analog synth, why the alesis programmer have maked many Virtual Analog synth patch??? Initialize your Andromeda and make your original analog sound, with a light use of the Fx, this is one of the best analog synth every made...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Dec-02-2005 at 07:41
Ford a professional user from NYC writes:
if you get the latest system update it corrects most of the bugs mentioned below. They are mildly annoying though not heart breaking. The A6 is the best analogue by far. Probably the best analogue of past, present and future. It has such a big sophisticated and complex that minor bugs will arise. I once had a memorymoog that caught fire on stage. It cost me $100 for every hour that I owned it!!!! I had an Arp omni that gave me a 110 shock when I moved it and a minimoog that switched itself off and cost me $900 to be repaired. Those are bugs I can live without

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-01-2005 at 10:41
sunny pedaal a part-time user from netherlands writes:
lots of questions and uncertainties excist regarding the A6 andromeda. in this respect it seems to be helpfull to not only read the manual and tips and tricks document carefully, but to also know what not to expect from this very nice synth. alesis/ numark seems to be unwilling to solve excisting bugs / upgrade the software / give other people the opportunity to do so / even react to letters and other demands of longtime product-users. seems we'l have to live with it so, hereby a comprehended list of most shortcomings. hope it helps people to get round easier with this machine sunny

( follow buglist and wishlist a6)

Bug #1

Title: Square wave duty cycle bug Description: A setting of 52 is currently the true 50% duty cycle, rather than 50.

Bug #2

Title: Portamento tracking on unison voices Description: When using portamento (normal mode) on a mono patch with unison (2) turned on, it seems that only 1 voice is affected - the other seems to jump right up/down to the destination pitch. Switch port mode to 'chord', it works as I expected normal to. Is this a bug? (checked, however not found on my A6)

Bug #3

Title: VCO Pitch slide Description: When a note is triggered, the Osc audibly "slides" up to the new pitch, even with fast engine settings. Can be reproduced:checked, depends on engine settings and tuningsettings,therefore to me, no real bug, always could get some extra attention though -

Bug #4

Title: Sequencer hangs while using the sustain pedal. Description: Using sustain pedal and sequencer concurrently causes stuck notes until the sustain pedal is depressed again.

Bug #5

Title: Dropped NOTE OFF events in MIX mode when using external sequencer Description: Notes stick on a midi sequencer with the A6 in mix mode logic or cubase.

Bug #6

Title: No polyphonic aftertouch from MIDI input Description: Described as working in the manual, but not implemented.

Bug #7

Title: "Klicky" envelopes Description: It is almost impossible to create fast and deep bass sounds without an audible "klick" sound. Can be reproduced:when minimum attacktime of 6ms, no problem, therefore to my opinion,"maybe" bug!, sunny -

Bug #8

Title: Corrupt patch in edit buffer requires a soft reset. Description: Inadverently loading a bad patch into the edit buffed causes the synth to crash. Power cycle causes an endless booting loop. Power cycle after a 10 second wait will sometimes clear the problem. At other times a soft reset is required.

Bug #9

Title: Audible artifacts in PWM Description: The status of this as a bug is arguable. Using PWM of any sort creates audible quantization noise or low freqency digital hash in the output. Easily heard on the factory preset patch PULSE STRINGS or most patches with PWM enabled. This problem renders all PWM capabilities of the synth unuseable IMO. Sounds like a crappy VA. Problem exists whether PWM is being modded from an LFO, a looping envelope or an external pedal. Problem can be somewhat worked around using external HPF. Or using another synth altogether. Can be reproduced:checked,for this reason a verysmooth lfo/pwm engine setting has been developped with hardly noticable difference,fm of pw seems to work better, should get a renewed attention, sunny

Bug #10

Title: Screen redraws getting dropped Description: Under certain circumstances, the display does not refresh when switching to another page. I will try to find a scenario when this can be consistently reproduced. Low priority. Can be reproduced:too little info provided therefore couldn't be (checked, maybe its a result of high processor usage whereby the screen rightfully doesn't get prioriy, sunny)

Bug #11

Title: Fast filter settings noise on key release Description: the midrange "grating" or "metallic" noise that can be heard on key release using bass patches with fast filter settings, e.g. the Venus Bass patch. the same noise is also apparent in many high-pitched string patches. Comments: is this not the PWM problem? - mschultz. perhaps, but it happens even with PWM disabled - chris.pickett Can be reproduced:checked, wonder if i mean the same noise/ sound as you, in my case it dissapeared when the release times where set to a value of 10ms or bigger(which is a bit long i admit), sunny

Bug #12

Title:AUTOTUNE Description:autotune doesn't work well enough due to hardware/chip quality, differences often are too big, manualadjustment possibility of single oscillators would be neccesary( and spare chip/soundboard replacements)! maybe user definable savable tuningtables would also do the trick.

Bug #13

Title:releasevelocity Description:release velocity depending on attackvelocity, specifically, if struck a note softly, no possibility of release velocity is left, the two should be uncouppled, b.e. by always letting releasevelocity start from a standard(127)value and then react depending on the speed of releasing the key

Bug #14

Title:delay Description:when fiddling around for some minutes with the envelops and especially the delaytimes of them , the following happens: delay of envelope 3 only works propely when also delay on envelop 1 and 2 is set on times that are bigger then that of the delay of envelope 3 , although logical in some ways, it's annoying, limiting and unneccesary in most

Bug #15

Title:up/down buttons when saving Description:when saving a patch in the list, and wanting to select the place where to save to, the up/down buttons act the other way round ( espec.down instead of up and vise versa)

Bug #16

Title:pw reset Description: the the wavelevel of the pulse is reset to 50 when changing the button from on to out and on again, this is inconvenient

Bug #17

Title:Cannot send program data via sysex to edit buffer Description:When sending a sysex message with opcode 2 (i.e. F0 00 00 0E 1D 02 <editbuf#> <data> F7) the A6 should place the received program in it's edit buffer. The A6Helper application, written for Alesis, requires this and the program author's documentation written on behalf of Alesis suggest this function should work. It does not.

Bug #18__

Title: diverse / 2. objects selected from previous lists Description: 1 NORM2 envelope mode that's referred to in the manual but has never functioned differently from NORM1..... number 2. Envelope Re-triggering/ Implementation of envelope re-triggering in mod-t/g mode


1) Polyphonic aftertouch response from MIDI Input

2) Random Patch generator (maybe with limitations on VOL. etc)

3) Knob "fine tune" option to have more gradual parameter changes

4) Sequencer "Latch" mode

5) Random Arpeggiator mode

6) When in MONO mode (high/low/last) "note priority" setting

7) Keyboard HOLD function

Cool Send MIDI notes from ARP or SEQ

9) Sync delays to Tempo

10) "Step Entry" on SEQ

11) Portamento time knob should respond to changes while a note is held down (right now a note retains the original portamento time from when the key was first pressed, ignoring knob input until the next keypress)

12) Polyphonic FM

13) modulation of the effectparameters, like on" the wedge"

14) split hold for the ribboncontroller

15) being able to adress the mod's of the envelopes and lfo-mod's as controlroutedestination

16) possibility to retune the 12 keys of an octave to different scales

17) to mark the steps of the sequenzer as it's playing, to know where it is

1Cool Auto-sync to midi clock. (Having the internal clock automatically sync to

MIDI without having to set it to sync or manual)

19) handling of 4 MB SRAM card

20) Random Patch Generator

21) LED Knobs as Sequencer Use the 8 multi led/knobs as a TR-style sequencer (the hardware is there!) 16-64 steps

22)Zero Reference Point Option for Ribbon

wherever you first touch it is "zero" and you can modulate up or down from there

23) Ribbon Controller as Trigger Ability for programs to use ribbon controller (any value > 0) as trigger, instead of keyboard

24) LFO Speed Up LFO speed up, the silly mode for fast lfo mods and halving the voice numbers for speed issues

25) Mod Page One page where you could see all modulations at work in one patch

26) Knobs Range Knobs range can be shifted or when you select a button you can use the ribbon for fine adjustment

27) Change Default Presets ( make custom default patch and save it)

2Cool Toggling Between( se;ected) Pages

29) Pot Values Also helpful for live would be a function where I could set the value when the pots react. Now it's just when you go through the original value or otherwise when you "breathe" at the pot

30) FineTune? Mode A fine tune mode while changing values with whatever knob (like shift-turn a knob will give smaller steps)

31) Sostenuto Pedal Sostenuto pedal (pedal does not affect notes turned on *after* sustain pedal is pressed, only ones being held when pedal is pressed)

32) increase sequencer steps number

33)increase arp programmability

34) Correctly save/load Mix + associated patches via sysex

35) more curves selectionable for aftertouch and velocity responds

36) real time record for sequencer

37) filter FM to be set separately .. so no offset of FM on filter 2 but a real OSC FM amount to filter

38)Operate at all even divisions of BPM, only within a reasonable range of course (40bpm-200bpm) but everything from 1 to max would be nice

39) a "Vegas mode" - where all the lights flash randomly on the front Exclamation

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-30-2005 at 03:48
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