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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Egw from Greece writes:
I believe this is one of the best synthesizers ever built. It has an unbelievable modulation matrix and so it can be easily thought of as a modular. Of course you won't see any cables which is both good and bad. It is analog with two VCOs and two VCFs (VCF1 resembling the 2-pole multimode SEM and VCF2 resembling the 4-pole of the Moog modular). Three amazing envelopes with seven stages each, 3 LFOs and 1 S&H, tracking generator, 16 step sequencer and arpeggiator, 20 outs, CV ins, effects, plus lots of other goodies.

Some of the presetes in the A6 are very nice but most are unusable. But given all that knobs, just grab a knob and give it a twist. You will be glad you did.

The effects are OK - not much but usable.

The A6 has some annoying bugs but I don't think any of these can make someone to decide against bying it. It is an extremely deep synthesizer so that means coaxing good sounds might take some time. Indeed the more you delve into this the more you realize the sheer quality of this synth. I have created unbelievable sounds - it just takes time - the secret here is to be obsessive:-)

And please stop comparing it to other synths and talking for ages whether it can emulate a Moog or whatever because this is getting ridiculous - if you want a Moog buy a Moog :-) And stop blaming the instrument if you think it can't produce certain sounds - rather blame yourself for not programming some individuality into it believing that you can have amazing sounds just by lazily tweaking a knob...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-18-2005 at 02:58
steve a professional user writes:
Had an andromeda for a couple of months now and can say it is a very deep synth,you could spend the rest of your life trying to delve and exploit this beast to its full potential and this then begs the question..who has the time when you want to make music?I find the bass on this synth to be poor you can fiddle for hours and get a decent bass sound but if i twiddle for five minutes on my korg mono/poly the mono poly blows it out of the water and that is just with a 5 minute tweek.Strings on the andromeda are nice and bleeps and sweeps are sweet but I personnally find the user interface too much to take in in order to realise a sound because there are so many functions and routing possibilities that it becomes hard to actually envisage what is doing what,I prefer the prophet 5 for its sheer simplicity and the 5 produces better bass.Im sure in the hands of a better programmer the andromeda would be good Ive been into synths for 20 years and find the wealth of functions on this too much and can get in the way.I will spend another couple of months with it to see if I can get any better sounds out of it.The presets are the worse presets I have ever heard even the presets on the ion are better,whoever made the presets should give up sound creation and synth programming because they are really that bad,I got better sounds out of the synth within two days of playing with it so whoever programmed those presets must have had earmuffs on whilst doing it,to say they are utter crap is an understatement they are laughable. The effects are poor but useable...sometimes.I would rather have a jupiter 8,synthex.If you are a beginner then stay away from this buggy machine,the dials are too sensitive and it takes an age to selct an item from one of the various lists that pop up on the screen.3 out of 3

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-17-2005 at 05:24
Howard C a professional user from West C USA writes:
This is the greatest of all poly, if not all synths. It has limitless potential. I think it looks great, though some have expressed reservations. It is nob tweaking paradise. It is real analogue. Alesis have spent months trying to think up things to pack this synth with. Nothing has been left out. Some say that it isn't as good as a real Moog modular. Well, it sounds as fat, it is reliable, small(ish), has a display and lacks miles of cable. What total crap. This synth blows any modular 70s stuff way out of the water. It has effects etc etc etc etc!!

The bugs issue wont effect most synth heads. Work with an old modular and you end up with an electric shock or a small fire. No, it all works and is designed for experimenting with.

Alesis have a good customer support team. Very efficient and quick. Nice guys.

What a great synth this is. I love the simple sequencer and blue pilot light. I love the 'organic' look to it. I love the depth of features that it offers you. What a synth!

I bought 'used' but perfect. An Alesis dealer said he could get me a new one, then didn't. Some other guy says the same below. Very frustrating.

Buy and instantly fall in love with. The greatest synth ever!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-12-2005 at 02:56
Joe Franko from USA writes:
This is an incredible synthesizer, and also a frustrating one. It's frustrating in two respects. First, it's so versatile and so modular that this is not a beginner's synth. And if you're a beginnner, don't judge the synth by the presets. They don't even begin to show the power of this synth. I first heard this synthesizer played by a salesman in a store. It left me cold. Then I heard it played by a French group at a concert and I was blown out of the water. They opened the show with its deep and reverbrant sounds, and used it on numerous sets throughout the night. Hearing someone play the thing who knew how to play it changed my mind completely. So if your new to the A6, get someone who knows how to play it for you and you'll be sold.

The second frustrating thing is it's sometimes buggy, especially in mix mode, which makes it all that more irritating when you realize how powererful the synth is. You want to say to Alesis, "You finally did something right. Why didn't you work the bugs out of it?" I think you shouldn't count anytime soon on much support for this synth from Alesis. They clearly are backing away from this synth and moving onto the Ion and Micron.

All that aside, I love this synth. It's like having a room size synthesizer in a small cabinet. It is capable of really deep and fat analog sounds, and it does everything any other analog modular synth can do, but without the patch cords and size. It's also so deep that I think I'll be learning the in's and out's of it for years to come. It's so much fun to play with that you start tweaking knobs and hours later you're still busy tweaking knobs.

If you want to have a real modular analog synth without taking up half your studio, whith real analog sounds, go out and buy this before Alesis discontinues it. I think it will be a new classic.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-25-2005 at 09:01
Vance Alwood a professional user from USA writes:
Probably the greatest analogue polysynth of all time. It's sounds, features and capabilities are endless. It has the editablity of the largest moog/arp modulars, and it's 16 note polyphonic...and multitimbral. It can be transported about and it's ultra-reliable. I love the split keyboard, sequencer/ arpeggiator set ups which you have in the presets. Great fun and very useable.

This is a fat sounding synth with all the power of a twin oscillator moog. The effects beef it up even more. It has external signal in for processing of other sound sources. It looks great and I, too, love the blue pilot light. Very funky. It is not as difficult to work with as some have said. The sheer number of features mean that it will never be as easy as a juno.

It is a very rewarding synth to own. Good touch and aftertouch responsive keyboard. This is a big mo' phat mother! Forget unreliable jupiters, prophets and obies. This is the one classic you should own.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-25-2005 at 05:54
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