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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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Reese Smith a professional user from usa ca writes:
I must say this synth has a very thick sound I love and sounds nothing like anything I have heard , Unfortunately It crashes a lot and if I leave it on for a while then turn it off then right back on it will never load the os unless i leave it off for like a minuite or so. I guess this is what I get cause I bought the floor model from guitar center. I got the synth for $2000.00. I do live pa dance music and would like to use this live but it just isnt dependable enough. After reading a lot of reviews it sounds like I may have a lemon. One thing I realized is the lfo's on mine wont sync to midi on logic the same every time. I called alesis and realized I know more about this thing than any of their technical support morons i've talked to so far. They seem to just read from a list and tell you bullshit when they don't know the answer. Because of the reliability issue with syncing and the fact that when I turn knobs manually they don't sound the same when my sequencer plays back the midi movements, i do a lot of sampling so I can use theese sounds live. I wish mine was more reliable so i could take it gigging but can't trust it. Would I buy another one, Definitely, Come on guys we all know every piece of gear we have can't do something we want it to or work the perfect way it was intended. I am upset about getting a lemon and will probably send it back to the factory and hopefully they'll fix it. The analog sounds and ease of programming are it's strong points. I hate menus and cursors for programming. I love knobs. yeah theres one hell of a learning curve but it's worth it. Somebody in this forum says this sucks for bass but this is the first thing I turn to. I produce hard trance and energy dance music and the bass just blends with a kick so nice. You must cut some of the extreme sub bass out with a external filter Otherwise your speakers will sound muddy but i look at it as with such a full sound at least you have the option. Subtractive synthesis is much more than just making the sound and filtering it once , on digital this may work but here were given the whole rainbow and we got to take out every little piece of the color you don't want. I see it as a benefit. A external Parametric eq hpf lpf work with this as a great tool to really make ideas flow quick. I give the sounds a 5, If you know what your doing you can make any hard dance analog sound you want. I give the reliability factor a 2 . Since I can't use it live and only in the studio i give it a 3 overall. If anyone has the lfo syncing problem will you please let me know. I dont want to send this back to the factory for that if it's in the os. e mail

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-12-2004 at 03:41
Argos from Europe writes:
I bought one of these from new few weeks ago. Now I had some nice poly synth before like Prophet or memorymoog.. and they were all awesome, no comment. Now this A6 is awesome as well, it is not a memory or a prophet or else. You want a Memorymoog? get one and stop complaining. Andromeda is just something else, it is fully controlable and fits perfectly with nowadays home studio setup. It is so plenty of possibilities..I am imprest. The sound quality is very good and analog without a single doubt, please don't compare it to Nord, it is no way a digital sound quality. It is not an old vintage sound either, it is in between..It reminds me of the sound of my Xpander Oberheim, sort of clean sound but fat and powerful..Yes, the Xpander was the rollsroyce of analogs in 84, well the A6 is the nowadays Rolls,without compromise. Have you tried the Neuron?? Well, it is 100 times more complicated and a real menu jungle and acts as a computer would do. Nothing like analog, but it is a superb machine, totally digital. Only cosmetic downpoint for the A6 is this plastic, it is not ugly, but it is plastic. Other than that, it is probably the only analog synth you need in a home studio, with a few older machines like filter bliss AKS, minimoog or MS20/TB303 end of story. Now of course, you will always find the guy who has seen everything, and will say it is no good..Believe me there is a lot of bullshit as many of them won't recognize a synth from another one.. we are not in the sixties anymore when choice was restricted to few top synths. This Andromeda is not as warm as an older one (filter issue) but it is 10 times more powerful, and I bet very few people on this earth will be capable to tell me the difference between a memorymoog and a similar sound fromA6 washed in todays effects..and I already made that test on few talented ears and it is not easy at all. So we can talk and talk, at the end there is a lot of fashion politics, and I am conviced that if there was "Moog" written instead of Alesis, we would shit some "Moog Andromeda" every day in all compositions at twice the price of the present A6. It far more interesting than any VA synth either. I put a 4 for the plastic, and the lack of Latch button for Arpeg.and Seq(what a missing obvious tool)...but that's it for the downs.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-26-2004 at 10:53
matrix writes:
Anyone testing out an A6, TURN OFF AUTOTUNING. Makes a world of different. Like switching from a DCO to VCO synth. All the sparkle comes in. They should have left it off by default, but unfortunately they didn't. The difference in sound is subtle at first, but the difference in feel is huge. Like going from generic vanilla ice cream to the really good stuff. The basic vanilla flavor is the same, but the experience is noticibly different.

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-25-2004 at 22:33
Sean a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I know I was supposed to be really impressed. I played one of these about a year ago in a store and thought it was the shizzle. So I saved my pennies and bought one. When I got it, I hooked it up I played with it for a week but the magic never happened. I returned it for credit. I liked it but it didn't move me. I have other synths that are real analog, digital, analog emulated and even sample based. I think for the price of the A6 I would be better off with an old Moog or ARP and a MIDI kit (or a MIDI/CV converter for that matter) and I would still have money left over.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-25-2004 at 03:05
Quality=poor feel the pots=are they connected to anything? feels like crap! the sound is ok! but if you really want good quality and fat sound buy the Mighty Nordlead 3!!!!!!!

Rating: 0 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-16-2004 at 14:20
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