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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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TC a professional user writes:
Great synth, perfect commentar from mook (s.b.). Only problem is the $/%&§(§&$" support of alesis for their unloved (by them) product. For this point i would suggest everybody to stay away from this synth (no firmware updates, nobody at alesis knows this synth good enough,...). But theres another point. The synth itself. Great sounds, endless possibilities, great layout ... i really love my andromeda. So if you care about this get out and buy one! ....and send a lot of mails to alesis, maybe they wake up (i dont believe so but its worth a try). Bom TC

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-16-2004 at 12:44
sjmojo writes:
its the perfect analog polysynth in the recent 10 yrs time,i bought it second hand for $1400.i worried the buggy o.s. b4 i bought.but the fact is its bug-less on my usage.sadly waldorf gave up its analog synth making after the pulse plus(fortunately i got one),so many gear makers today just focus on v.a,if v.a. is ok for u why not simply just use a laptop w/ full of aoftsynth inside?for me and the rest of analog synth lovers,the real analog can never be beat.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-16-2004 at 10:16
Oily Beau-Hunk from Safe Muffins writes:
Great review from Mook...and excellent observation regarding the uniqueness of the Andromeda.

True, it sounds unlike any "vintage" analog I've ever owned. The Andromeda's a million times deeper, and despite only having 2 oscillators, is capable of making sounds so outrageous and bizarre that they'd scare the pants off a mannequin or the sense into Tom Finegan.

Route whatever to whatever else & revel in the mayhem.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-15-2004 at 23:59
Mook from New York writes:
I have over 60 other synths. I waited a considerable amount of time to buy this board because of some of the early, and I emphasize early, problemmatic feedback on some forums. I bought mine from a major dealer for $2000; you can find them a bit less from other users, but I've got solid guarantees. On a board like this who you buy from is important. In my opinion the price will only appreciate in the future as nothing comparable is likely to appear anywhere.

At this point I find the OS to be solid, as is the construction, and everything works as it is supposed to. The manual is clear and well written.

As for the instrument itself it is a work of art as well as a technical marvel. The sonic possibilities are awesome, and there is virtually unlimited modulation clearly layed out with easy control of everything. Others have tried to describe what it sounds like; I'm not going to bother because I'm not interested in a synth that sounds like something else, but that has a unique voice and sonic palette of its own. This one has it and more.

As more and more investment goes into virtual instruments you are unlikely to see anything like this again. If you want a device that has nearly unlimited analog synthesis possibilites this is the one; the one and only. Consider old analogs and what a dozen years of technical improvements could add up to and you have the Andromeda.

As with most synths these days the presets don't do it justice, but the only synths that presets really matter on are romplers and this baby is built for programming and tweaking. However, unlike many synths where you can just play with knobs and get some nice sounds, with this one you have to know what is going on to realize its potential. It requires some investment of time, but if you've invested this kind of money you know that.

Note that all recent reviews are nearly 100% on this; the only bad reviews are earlier from people who don't own one so the average is skewed lower than it should be.

It is a synthesist's dream in terms of sounds and possibilities; if your idea of making music consists of loops and Reason it probably isn't for you, but in all likelihood is the basis for a lot of original material that went into those "loops."

If you want something that will give you your own sound and won't sound like everything else out there this is the dream machine. The more original and creative you are the more this device will serve you. It is the perfect board for realizing new sounds and it would take years to exhaust its possibilities. In years to come it will be a sought-after classic as nothing else can deliver what it can.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-09-2004 at 22:41
Thx goto YaDaddy for the early review! I know exactly what you mean about bringing back the excitement to synthesis. The Andromeda is just like all those other old retro analog polys, totally satisfying sound that makes you want to play for hours. I agree about the tone of the Nords, even the Virus they just sound painful and screechy to my ears. Has anyone tried playing a virus with headphones? It was an aweful expereince. Alot of noise and distortion, not nice. The Andromeda definitely does it for me as a sound designer its brilliant, if a little buggy at times. But jeeze, the virus still has bugs dont u believe it. Ill tell u all now that if Alesis aggressively marketed their synths like Access do then we'd all be eating and shitting A6's and that would be a good thing.

I think most of the reviewers below me understand that when u play on a true fat warm analog polysynth...its one of those ciggarett and wine moments. Enjoy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-24-2004 at 14:21
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