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Average rating: 4.5 out of 5
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a hobbyist user writes:
The A6 is a classic analog design. It sounds very good, very raw and warm + I just cant get over how versatile it is! Ive had a long standing frustration with old analog poly's...and now that the A6 has arrived (and become affordable in the last 2 months) this monster synth has answered all my prayers. The A6 re-defines the latest standards in true analog design. If you are a live keyboard player and you want to grab the attention of your audience then look no further. If you are predominatly studio bound and want to fill your recordings with excitement presence then look no further! My main complaint of VA synths is that they heavily rely on the use of 'unison' in order to beef up the sound. Take the Nord 2 as an comes with 16 note poly. But you will find yourself using unison all the time...bringing the poly down to 8 note. The Virus C...ok, it has 32 note poly....well b'cos it sounds so thin in reality you will need to whack on ALOT of unison....poly will decrease to a more realistec 16 or 8 note. The beauty of true analog is that you dont need to use it b'cos the synth is fat sounding out of the box so to speak. 16 note poly on the A6 is perfect for me and it allows me to make great big, slow, evolving pads wheras on the Jupiter 8 I would experience a little voice stealing. I have used many synths, both analog and digital and there are very few synths which make me excited....the A6 is definitely the way forward for analog synth design. If manufacturers could mass produce them a little more then I reckon prices for real analog poly's would come down to the £1500-2000 price range (Virus KC £1429 << considering the cheap digital components used to make this thing = RIPOFF)

The A6 is one hell of a satisfying analogue synth...i love it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-25-2003 at 13:10
ravi a professional user from India writes:
I LIVE IN GOA, INDIA< and you know that GOA is the spot for GOA TRANCE...which uses a lot of analog sounds (astral projection, etc).

And ALESIS is a modern day miracle for my goa drug parties :) It sounds so deliciously analog, yet so powerful enough to integrate with a midi sequencer, the best of both worlds...

i have access virus, yamaha an1x, nord lead, though these synths have some good fm routing etc, nothing comes to the power of andromeda for pure pure analog heaven, maybe an1x comes a bit close. The dsp-analog synths sound more thin, clinical, and less raw than the sound of electricity flowing through your head when you listen to andromeda...

andromeda lets you take current from the wall and tune it to your hearts content, not like those pre-programmed synths with sounds that i have no use for.

ANDROMEDA has 16 multitimbre! what a magic. and it has 16 polyphony (which is awesome for analog synth), trust me, i doubt you need much more than that..i use a yamaha rs7000 to sequence, and using the two is just an explosive combination (hell yeah!) the first 8 channels of rs7000 can be assigned to drums, or machines like waldorf rack attack and 2 channels for rs7k sampler, and you will have 6 channels for analog for pad, one for bass, one for lead, one for sfx, etc.

simple math: pads take 4 notes of polyphony, bass takes 1 note polyphony, lead, sfxs can totally take maybe 5 notes polyphony, which means you will still have 6 additional notes...remember 1 note in an analog synth can sound incredibly better than 3 notes from a dsp-analog!!!

I hated alesis before for their cheesy qs series synths, but after andromeda came out, i am giving them a 2nd chance.

only thing with andromeda, is because its oscillators are original analog, you need to warm up the device for around 5 minutes for the oscillators to be warm and the motorola coldfire processor to autotune it...however, since the signal path is analog, and its digitally controlled by motorola processors, you have the REAL ANALOG SOUND coupled with DIGITAL STABILITY (no tuning etc)...

the alesis technology is amazing, and far superior to any virtual analog synth can offer...

I give the synth a 100000000000/5 if i could! GOOD JOB ALESIS!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-25-2003 at 02:43
hooray for a6 a professional user from usa writes:
wow- what passion about this thing- have played my a6 a lot over the last couple of years- made many many patches- also have very extensive digital synth resources- personally find a6 fits better in a mix than any other synth i've used- also has a way of making sound that are weird and get attention but still feel welcoming to listeners instead of just impressive- even drastically different digital synths can start sounding somewhat the same, even though you'd think they wouldn't- i always seem to get more comments about a6 sounds than those from other synths- have never tried to get ay to cover territory of classic synths- has its own soul- whish there was a version with larger/weighted keyboard for live work- don't do loop-oriented work myself and wonder if maybe the people who do loop/dance music get better results with edgier digital synths- maybe a6 is more of keyboardist's instrument than a sequnce or loop-oriented machine- anyway, it's so much better to fight about synths than lots of other stuff in the world-

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-06-2003 at 02:59
Scorpion2k3 a hobbyist user from USA writes:
And here I was afraid to compare my Virus to the Andromeda.

Well ok if you want to compare how well the a6 can do a piano or string or organ or guitars to a sampler/rompler synth then yeah the A6 sucks for that. Actually IMHO the A6 does a good job at emulating acoustic sounds. But that is not what the A6 was built for. If you want edgy,unpridictable,upfront,crunchy,fat,smooth,lush,alive sounds. this is were you will find them. right on the A6.

If my Virus KB can generate every nalogue based waveform plus 62 unique digital waveforms than why dod I buy the A6?

Simply have you heard the A6's sinewave or square wave compare to the VA. They sound different. The Square wave on the A6 just sound all the round fuller,louder,upfront,alias free(Digital sound artifacts at high frequencies)than the Virus. The Virus sounds more simple,narrower,thinner. Same thing with the Sine wave. The triangle and the saw wave sound more simular but the A6's is more alive and alias free.

You see there is a certain quality that real analogs have that the VA's are not able to do yet. Atleast not in my knowladge. And what is wrong with some of us who still prefer a bit of retro sounds. If Digital future sounds your cup of tea then go for it. I too am for the digital push my self. But whether you know it or not care or not or like it or not. There is still a place for analog sounds. And they sound great together with the new wavetable,granular,sampler,rompler sounds of Digital Technology. I believe the reason why VA exists is becuase it is very expensive to build a synth based off real analog circuit and or chips. Plus if you notice with most VA's as they being done all in a digital chip! manufactuares are able to add digital inherent features like uniqe waveforms or features. So VA's are nice to have if you cant afford the real thing. But no VA can quite match the real thing in many ways yet.

That said I do not see the real analog being better than the VA or Vice versa. They are all unique and have there own characters.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-14-2003 at 01:41
David a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I love my Andromeda and I don't have anything really against a VA. For all you people out there who have nothing better to do than argue about which is better, get over it. I have heard my Andromeda next to a Nord, the Nord sounded thinner but still good. The Andromeda was soooooo fat and mellow sounding. But allas, one day perhaps not even in my lifetime, everything well be digital(once we get into quantum computers and the kind of memory to almost reproduce digitally an analog signal, it isn't even possible for probably twenty years) or on the flip side of that with the holographic hard drive on the horizon someday, maybe we well see the benifits of digital with a return to analog recording in the light spectrum!!! Maybe I am totally off on that, but the Andromeda is a nice machine. So for all of you arguing, just shut up and use the gear that you love(analoge or digital) and lets just all get along.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jul-12-2003 at 23:00
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