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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Greg.m a hobbyist user from Manchester writes:
AMAZING SYNTH! I got blown away when I heard it the demo of the Who's "Baba o Reily" synth line is amazing and very convincing. Its a well thought out synth. It produces the analogue sounds people love with ease. The vocoder is a cool addition. And very good. The only thing I don't like is the red sides.

But thats just a cosmetic thing. Its a very playable synth beautifully layed out. And its great to program. for the money I can't see anything better out there. Its much better that a JP8000.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-03-2005 at 09:33
Pete vincent a professional user writes:
A very good synth. I picked mine up for £370 second hand. The sounds are impressive. Very lush sounding. A lot of menues and complications. I don't think it sounds as good as my Korg Z1. In fact, it isn't as good as the Z1 in many ways. But, it's better than the ob12 and jp8000 which I've also owned. The design of the Ion is great. I love the flat panal. Great led stuff. Very modern. Nice and reliable to gig.

This is a very good synth. The display looks great. It responds like the Andromeda to envelopes etc. Very good news. I can't think that there are many better deals out there. I recommend this synth very highly.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-02-2005 at 13:19
Paul Mann a professional user from London UK writes:
I really think this is the best of all the modern analogue modelling synths. It is extremley versatile. And can produce fat smooth bass gorgeous strings and pads and killer leads and effects. And if that wasn't enough somehow Alesis have managed to make it 4 part multitimbral and included a 40 band VOCODER. My music is Electro, industrial & freestyle. And this Alesis Ion is unbeatable for that electro sound. Full marks to Alesis for delivering an incredible synth for sub £1,000 that can live with any analogue old or new!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-31-2005 at 17:19
Alix a part-time user from united states writes:
i've had the ion for a little over half a year now and haven't looked back. i got it for around 700, isn't a perfect board, and it can get a little noisy, but all of this can be edited out.

i play in a band that makes synth-punk and 8-bit music, and this board has made me nothing but happy. combined with my QS8 and some decent amps, the ion SCREAMS. or, if youre not into screaming, you can easily get some huge, massive, sinister sounding pads out of it.

the andromeda aside, this is my favorite keyboard i've played. i've layed my hands on a Jupiter 6, and i feel like, given enough time, i'd love that just as much, this ion is a fine substitute. the knobs feel great, and theres nothing quite like having you're own solo in a song that consists of holding down a few keys with your knee and twisting seven or eight knobs at random.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Apr-26-2005 at 10:17
chaoticpig a part-time user from Jersey Shore writes:
Clean sound... excellent synth for analog coinsures. If you're working with a high end, multiphony system you may disappointed as the Ion sounds realitively flat. Still... The Ion offers a vast ampunt of features and is a great synth for its price.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-23-2005 at 00:38
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