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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Aeryk a part-time user from us writes:
I work at s synth shop, Synthony Music in Phoenix AZ. Anyway, this was sitting next to a Nord Lead 3, and MS2000, and a V-Synth. I found myself playing this in every free moment, I love the sounds. Yeah, it's kinda unpleasant how the edit knobs sometimes drift, but the sound, my god the sound. It's so much warmer than a nord lead, no comparison, much more analog. Not as user friendly for sure, and maybe not as flexible, but the sound is so sexy, all else is forgiven. The filters are absolutely awesome, capable of very raw dirty sounds, and the overdrives are sheer beauty. Also using the vocoder and the filters on my guitar, strangest damn sounds ever. I love it.

Too bad the presets are some of the worst I've ever heard.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-22-2003 at 13:34
candhp a part-time user from North Carolina writes:
I was really disappointed after reading the rave reviews and then buying one of these. Thank goodness I have a 30-day return. I admit, this board really looks cool and has a great, easy layout even if you aren't familiar with the old analog gear of the 70's and 80's. It "looks" great in my home studio and I really wish I could say I was going to keep it....but, in my opinion, it's sounds are NOT great. I need a good "lead synth" board and this one just doesn't cut it in my book.

For basses and if you need a glorified (arped) drum machine, then this would be worth checking out. I guess my problem is that I've heard or played the older analog gear so maybe this was my disappointment. It doesn't even blend in nicely with my Korg, Kurzweil or Yamaha gear.

I've had this board for 2 days now and have been trying to find some possible way to fall in love with it, but last night did me in. Actually, some of this has been happening from day-one. After selecting a patch and starting to play, more often than not, the display automatically goes into edit mode. What causes this, I'm not sure (software bug or defect) but it's really annoying. Last night, it went into edit mode and some value started slowly increasing on it's it was possessed by a deamon or something. This problem is probably easily fixed through a re-load or the OP system.

BUT, my real gripe are the sounds coming from this board. Sorry...but I give it a thumbs down.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-22-2003 at 08:13
lui a hobbyist user from venezuela writes:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Nov-22-2003 at 00:37
Dean T. Davis a professional user from U.S.A. writes:
What's up you propeller heads, just got this amazing new synth I think it's called the Ion or something. Anyway this thing rocks, yeah baby yeah oh do behave. I was looking to get the new Minimoog but after playing it and deciding 3000.00 was just insane for a mono synth I tried the Ion and was blown away. First of all this thing sounds amazing. It does analog better than anything I've played yet. It doesn't rip like my Nord Lead 2, it doesn't fill a stereo spread like my Oberheim OB-8 but it has one of the most convincing Minimoog bass sounds I've ever heard. And the glowing pitch and mod wheels are mad dope ya her me!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Oct-25-2003 at 19:24
docwhammo a professional user writes:
this is a review just for the keyboard portion of the synth, as my personal unit is still in shipping... though I went to a local music store to spend a few hours with their floor model... and yes the key action is not the best in the world, but it is most certainly not the worst either. It is about on par with other synths in that price range, MS2000, RS-series, OB-12, etc. This is where Alesis cut the price, and the reason the ION is so affordable. Its clearly not made for playing Bach concertos or something of that nature, but it gets the job done in the synth department. Dont plan on using it as your main controller if you play heavy 2 handed styles... though if you've been playing non fully-weighted keyboards for a while you will have a much better time with it.

posted Saturday-Oct-18-2003 at 18:18
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