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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Reinaldo Torres a professional user from Venezuela writes:
The QSR is surprising me, I haven't used the rack mount version but I used a QS 7 once and the sounds were good compare with the Alesis's 6 years ago. I can even tell a sound used in a Depeche Mode song (Barrel of a gun), it sounds just like the CD. Besides, the unit is very afforable and flexible. It is perfect for a low budget studio, any other unit will cost you at list twice for the same ammount of features (as the emu hardware). I've been in the bussines for 15 years now and I'm in the stage of selling all the bunch of things that I do not used any way and get more musician than be my own technician, actually I have a JV-90, a K2500RS, a JP-8080 and I sold the Nord Lead 2 (I'm planning for the Virus), a Kawai K5000s, and a bunch of other stuff... and the QSR can find room in my rack. Congratulations Alesis, was about time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-26-2001 at 13:39
a hobbyist user writes:
I use it in program mode to take full advantage of the effects. I have the Vintage Keyboards and Classical Q-cards. The orchestral percussion from the Classical card and various internal drum sounds are great. The mellotrons from the Vintage Keyboards card are some of the best I've heard. These sounds make it a keeper. I also love many of the atmospheric pads and I downloaded someone's excellent piano patches (can't remember where) which are more natural sounding than any of the presets (I like to mix these pianos with other modules to get a more interesting sound). There are lots of other good sounds but these are the ones I can't live without. I've never had a problem and for the sounds I want from it I think it's great but I'll give it 4 stars because I wouldn't make it my only sampled sound source.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-15-2001 at 13:39
Martin a part-time user from UK writes:
Wow, about 18 really great sounds. The rest are shite, really shite, weak output too. Get a sampler a some ram and some decent CD-ROM's (expensive). I got 2 Q cards too (more fool me). £800 ($1400 or there abouts). Yeh it's well made. I beat it cos it crashes all the time! You''ll hear a fizz sound and then that's it. MIDI coming in no sound going out. Tends to do it on Midi channel 9 for or whenever i'm using one of it's better sounds, the twat. Had a Midiverb4 and the display went on that, sounded quite shite too. The QSR is a complete nightmare to program, so many menu's and sub menu's, yet you still can't polish a turd. It looks good, yet it sounds like crap. Global editing? You've spent 30 mins pissing about editing a sound. Don't buy this crap or any other alesis product. They deserve to go out of business and die. I would thankfully rip an employee's rectum wide open with my QSR. Mackie mixer=great Joe Meek compressor=great Rode Nt1=Great Novation Bass station=great Tannoy Monitors=Great Alesis QSR= Greased dog shit on a rainy day. Made by gaylords for gaylords. For god's sake check out the competition

posted Friday-Feb-23-2001 at 23:24
George Fotis a professional user from Greece writes:
I’m posting this review to point out some things.I saw some reviews wich aren’t correct at all. Alesis QSR is a beautifull ,charming device.Its well constructed ,and its power supply its external. QSR is fully powered , loaded with lots of features wich are really handy. To start ,there is a 16MB ROM of samples, and the 640 patches are really crystal clear and natural sounding.There are 5 Banks (General Midi,User,Presets 1,2,3) so user can store upto 128 patches.The effects processor is powerfull,and according to Alesis user manual is similar to Quadraverb 2.Effects are easy to program and it offers very high quality. Programming your own patches is very easy also ,thanks to enormous variety of software exists.Excellent editors are available for a small registration fee ,and results are stunning.Even a total begginer user will start setting his personal patches. So far ,we have a GM compatible unit,with enough patches to get you started ,and a superb effects processor.But that’s not all. This device is easy to use also. Its LCD display its large enough even to program it (if you’re weird enough not to use the stunning editors available). There are 2 outs , main and aux. There is also an ADAT out ,wich is very handy indeed. There are excellent beer-budget cards available for HD recording wich have ADAT in. Well ,only this should r e a l l y be enough. Large samples ,good effects, GM ,ADAT out….but there are more. What you get (except the unit itself and the usermanual with its 140 pages….) is a CD loaded with demos ,a n d the Soundbridge software wich can tranfer YOUR samples to a PCMCIA card. QSR have 2 slots for these , and your samples are accessible instantly. Just think that you can instantly create cards with your own sampled patches.

Well ,you might say ,is it THE best rack available ???? Best is different for each one of us .This beauty will work with someone who wants to compose music using real life acoustic stuff mainly. Of course you can do trance , ambient ,techno BUT this unit is not specifically oriented to these. However ,to start with its an excellent choice. Of course it does have some weak points ,but there is no perfect synth around. Ok ,you can’t get analog ,fat sounds. (There is however the MIX situation ,into wich you can stuck patches …very handy for live gigs.) You just cant. But then this is true with almost all the “non analog” synths. That’s why someone should combine with an analog or virtual analog synth like the Yamaha AN1x.

Overall ,is an an excellent piece .I won’t give mine EVER .Of course I have a variety of other synths ,but for someone starting this is an excellent choice.And ,it is d e f i n i t e l y recommended.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Sep-09-2000 at 19:16
Aenar a part-time user from Holland writes:
The QSR has 640 very high quality presets, the Piano is far better then the build in Piano from Korg and Yamaha Strings are great, nice out of space Pads, its build like a tank, 4 outputs, Adat optical are just a few of the great features the QSR has.

This is for Philip O. every multitimbral synthesizer has the same problem, in preset mode it sounds great with all those effects but in multi mode the effects are gone.

The QSR has 4 different FX every sound (in multi) can be processed thru the 4 FX busses you just need to go to the FX edit page per sound.

I think the QSR is a great tool with its own sound characteristics, the only thing thats missing on this instrument are: cutoff and resonance (IMO important filters) but i have other synths for that job

everybody needs to judge for themself

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-31-2000 at 10:06
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