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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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Patrick Coleff a part-time user from Cleveland,Ohio writes:
I love this program! I stopped using all my other computer programs (generator, simsynth 2.0 {which still does sound nice, don't get me wrong} Orangator, Mellosoftron, etc) It's a 8 part soft synth, it's a sampler, it's a sequencer, it's all that..and yes, a bag of chips. THe sound is incredible for a soft-synth, or any even hardware ones. It works great as a sampler, it's great to mangle em with the multi-mode filter. Now, eh, the sequencer is kinda blah..*I* don't like it, but that's just me and my music style. others might. Also, on older computers, it does not handle very well. I have a PIII 500MHZ w/ 96MB ram. So, I got the latency down to 15ms, but... The FX sound nice, though only having 3 at one time is a bit of a let down..again, this is just me. The distortion also kinda sucks. But, it holds to it's promise, with Dreamstation and only that, you can make complete (and very full sounding) songs. I can't keep my hands off it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-09-1999 at 13:09
Javier from Spain writes:
l am still playing with the demo althought l have bougth it and hope to have the complete version soon, l have worked with all the mayor softsytnhs (Generator, reality , Retro, vaz, Rebirth) and also some hardware ones (virus) and l must say it is the best one in the mean, it sounds better than reality (best filters and oscillators are fatter), Generator is fine and has more flexibility but it demands too much from the cpu (mine is a p ll 450 with 192 mb of ram),Retro has slighly worse sounds and it has taken me a few time to make it work properly and also it lacks of a lower volume wich is annoying,has a litle more versatility even thought,but anyway ,you can use the two simultaneously without melting the cpu, and also you can use a thrd one simultaneously,vaz, it has great sounds but unless dream Station it is not multitimbric in a reasonable way,l think that if they would improve the way vaz 2 modular is multitimbric it would be a serious compitor. So Dream Sation is in the point where it has all the goods and almost none of the bads of the others. The sounds are great better for leads than for pads l belive,the effects are reasonable althought it has taken me few time to understand how to channalize then, and it is terribly stable,it has never crashed, l only hope futre versions would add some few extra funcionality (more than 99 presets and the abilty to use direct x for effects like VAz would be killing)and it will be a serious compitor for hardware ones (yes the virus sounds a litle better and has some more features, althought l have played very few time with it so maybe my memory would be mistakeng me), ah, yes l mentioned Rebirth,well,they are diferent kind of soft synths.

posted Wednesday-Aug-18-1999 at 02:38
Psyche a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Demo sounds really great.. I think the best thing about it (for me) is you can turn off the sequencer etc. and just use it has a low latency midi sound module and I can actually get FOUR NOTES polyphony without breakup on my P166 with only 16MB of RAM(system requirement is P200 w/32MB) I'm getting 32 more meg soon so I'll withhold my rating until then...looks promising though!

posted Friday-Aug-13-1999 at 01:01
A skanky hobag from the crackhouse on 24th street writes:
I use the dreamstation with all my customers. It gets them off very quickly, and that means less mess on me! The sample and hold LFO just drive them wild with pleasure. Get it oscillating into the audible range, and it's all over, and they owe you $100. Great huh?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-20-1999 at 10:13
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