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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Kanji a part-time user from Finland writes:
I just dont get it?!

Some you were pitching on the TR-808 set on the DR-202 :

"Drum machine sounds like it came straight out of Run Dmc's closet! It has oldish typical 1980 Hip hop sounds that have been heard more than enough!" <-- How stupid is that? If some sounds are used in music all over again, does it mean that these sounds shouldn't be included in the grooveboxes like MC-303 and DR-202 witch are inexpensive way to get hands on these divine sounds? Another thing that has been bothering me is the pitching about the non velocity sensitive pads. This is mainly groovebox, not a drum machine. And anyhow, you can get far more accurate beats using the steprecording method. And by the way... The 808 kit has far better lowboost than the 808 kit in the MC-307 for example. DR-202 has some bugs, but hey! It's inexpensive and it boats a whole lot of those classic vintage sounds that you can't find on any other synth on this pricecategory. I mainly use yamaha RM-1X for a sequencer, mut when I need classic roland claps or percussion sounds like 808's cowbell, I still turn to the DR-202. It's mainly a sound module with a simple sequencer, but how dull person has to be for expecting more for this price???

This machine builds a love or hate relation with it's owner. I love mine! Other's can hate theirs. Only machines with a real soul create this of reaction. It's a love and hate combination, the stronges mixture on earth!

posted Tuesday-Jul-10-2001 at 08:46
Kim a professional user from San Diego, CA,USA writes:
Alright, list of compliants: a)not velocity sensitive b)tweakable sounds...but only if you keep the dails positioned correctly every performance and remember where they were set your last performance c)no General Midi d)overall volume pretty low e)cheap looking f)hissing sound Lists of Good Points: a)Can layer melodies..using the same bass instrument in different octaves b)a bit harder to accidentally erase work c)individual sound

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-06-2001 at 02:25
a professional user writes:
..forgot to mention it also runs on batteries!!

No, its not the finest drum machine ever made but its nice to own. I also have the DR-770 and love it too but it cant use batteries.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-12-2001 at 17:01
a professional user writes:
I love mine. I collect drum machines and this one stays. The DR-202 is unique. It has its own sound. Very inexpensive for what it is.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-12-2001 at 16:58
Tashi a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This machine has some great features which I could write about for days. The programming, while not easy is flexible and deep, with lots of sounds and the ability to alter and tweak them. Unfortunately they are undermined by two things: #1 the low output. #2 it's incredidly hissy. So because of the combination of the low output and noise, it makes it almost impossible to work with. You can try to EQ the hiss out, or gate it, but the noise to output ratio is extreme, making even these techniques hard to implement. I mean even if I turn the volume up just one quarter I get hiss. Also the hiss fades in and out during silence like some kind of weird gate is on it. If all instruments are going at once to cover the noise you're fine. But if you drop everything out but the kick, for example, and you get this weird gated hiss. It also has a tendency to sound like it goes mono, or changes frequency. The sounds gets muffled for some reason. I'd say all in all, a piece of junk. I didn't even have the heart to sell it to anybody. I gave it away. The retail and resell price is much too high for the faults... shouldn't be more than $150.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-28-2001 at 00:15
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