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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Chris a part-time user from Orlando, FL writes:
I have to give this machine some props... I have thought about selling this a few times to get something I thought would be better. The biggest mistake you can make with this machine is righting it off becuase its cheeper than a lot of other gear out there, and a few of its downfalls. The complaints here I can agree with. I hate the noise this machine makes and the fact that it has no backlit LCD. Also the volume doesn't work good with headphones and is not sensitive at all. Thats why I'm taking off a point. Not huge problems though. This machine, like others have said is good for techno related genres and passable for hiphop. You have to keep into account "the cheese factor" on some sounds, but you have to for almost any piece of gear. My biggest mistake was not taking enough time see what this machine is possible of. The rolls on this are awesome and really make it a Drum&Bass beast which I didn't expect. This machine is a good compliment for my CS6x becuase I cannot program drums in cakewalk for my life! This machine makes drum programming a lot easier for me. If you don't have a lot of money and want something to compliment what you got (or suck at drum editing in cakewalk), want to add some more samples to your arsenal, and want an almost flat learning curve give it another look before you right it off. I wouldn' buy it new though, get it second hand. If you can afford something better go for it, but don't make the mistake of not giving this a chance though.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-12-2000 at 11:18
Rob Thomas a professional user from Ventura CA USA writes:
I've recently been programming a friends 202 on a new project and have to agree with much of what I've read here with a couple of exceptions.

First: someone mentions above that it won't record real-time midi/knob moves. Actually it does and works well with external controllers (e.g. PhatBoy, Launchpad, ect.) and this is the only way, other than old-skool Accent, to trick dynamics. The lack of velocity sensitive pads is a bummer but I just plugged in my keyboard controller and made it happen there.

I like the battery power option and this is the only drum machine I've ever programmed next to a waterfall! Having said that, don't buy it new (like a 505 or any other overpriced Roland/Boss "Groove Gear", and don't pay much more than $200 US for it used. There are better options available for a bit more, new or used. Like any gear you can trick the 202 into a new bang, just don't think it will do much more than give some cheap thrills. It is after all meant to augment a DJ kit and we all know what that means, don't we.

posted Tuesday-Dec-05-2000 at 21:45
Victor (last time, I promise) writes:
Hmm... wanted to mention last review, but forgot...

It should definitly come with an AC adaptor. I've had better than 2 hours with batteries, but you're still nuts if you're using batteries for anything but Guitar Pedals in your studio. Then again, that's an extra 15 bucks that the DR-202 didn't cost you.

As for the quiet signal and the noise, yep, that still sucks. As it happens, I also own a Redsound Darkstar, which is equally noisy, so I just crank up the mixer for both & run 'em through the noise reduction... again, probably a price issue.

I'll still stick up for this box, at the $250 that I paid for it. For more than that, as has been said many times here, remember that all those options common to pricier machines come at the expense of construction quality.

posted Sunday-Oct-22-2000 at 23:23
Paul H. Kimn a hobbyist user from cambridge ma USA writes:
The list price for the 202 is 370; the list price for the electribe ER1 is, i don't work for Korg, but i have to say that 30 bucks more for: easy pattern modification real time effects recording much better interface a smaller tighter form factor

is not much... i admit i am still a beginner at this, and the 202 is made for idiot amateurs like me...but how is it that i've already cut some phatter beats in one day on the korg when on the 202 i was still trying to 'excorsise' the cheese after two weeks?

I;ll list out the problems i had with the 202; -no 9v adapter, just 6 batteries...lasts around 2 hours -chessy presets -low output(rca) -poor interface -a bit noisy(this can be fixed easily through a mixer tho) -does not record real time knob changes -poor midi interface

As for the pluses; -great bass potential -easy modification of sounds -filters are effective

If you're looking for a decent drum machine, that has some good presets and a great interface, better save a little more(30 bucks) and it;ll make all the difference.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Oct-10-2000 at 11:05
Victor a part-time user from USA writes:
I wonder whether any of these reviewers are thinking about the price difference between this machine and the others to which they are comparing it. The Electribe blows it away? Yes, and well it should, for the extra couple of hundred dollars.

I got my DR-202 used for $250. At that price, I'd say it's a steal, so long as you want to make dance music. Or maybe Hip-Hop, I don't know, I don't really listen to enough Hip-Hop to judge. For anything else, or if you pay $350+ for it at a music store, it's a waste of time.

The samples are a little crunchy, the screen really, REALLY should have been backlit, and the RCA jacks are a little on the noisy side. That's obviously corner-cutting stuff from a company that's known for producing low-budget gear.

I like this machine. I don't love it, but I like it. If you're a pro musician, the MIDI-imp will probably seem somewhat lacking, and the above-mentioned problems annoying. But if you're a professional musician, why are you even shopping in this price range?

You get what you pay for on this one - an entry-level drum box geared VERY specifcally towards dance music. But I don't think that you get anything less than that.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Monday-Oct-09-2000 at 20:03
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