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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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AudioPervert from Scotland writes:
Good wee box for that ONE sound. trigger in works well. Good amount of variation in the tone and the 'reverb' (read : noise!). I tried it with a few power adaptors, but it made horrible screaching noises - the ony one I found to work is the Boss PSA. The only feature I would have liked to have seen on it was varible spaces between the claps, to make them more grainy or smoother. Maybe there is a mod to do this, i guess the "SENS" pot could be used for this, and the SENS left at the setting that works for your setup??

The circuit is in fact reasonably complicated - this ain't just a 'one op amp' distortion box. there are about 7 chips in there, and a whole bunch of other discrete components. Basicaly it looks the same to me as the 808 circuits - the noise source itself is quite a bit of electronics. The pad is just blue rubber stuck to the metal case. The trigger is glued to the metal case beneath the pad. This means there is NO isolation from outside vibration. If you wanted to use this clamped onto a kit somehow, it would have to have it's own stand or be well isolated. There is no mounting points for any fittings though, it is just designed to sit on the table. It would trigger just gaffa taped to the snare or whatever.

posted Wednesday-Jan-21-2004 at 12:56
WAVEVIOLATOR from UK writes:
<center><a href="">WAVEVIOLATOR-ROLAND GEAR</a></center><P>This little clap box does just that. CLAP! CLAP! Don't expect anything else. The only thing wrong about this Boss pad is the size of the pad. On a dark smokey, stage you can often miss the beat. The solution is to plug in a larger drum pad into the Ext. Input.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Monday-Apr-16-2001 at 06:01
Stefan a part-time user from Germany writes:
This tiny box offers the best clap in the synth-world. The sound is even more "authentic" than the noise shot of the ClapTrap. It is also great for live performances: But don't strike the pad too hard!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-25-2000 at 07:13
LukeWarm a part-time user from WV writes:
heheh....definitely the best of the virtual analogue groovebox techno-matic workstations...

One thing i think the review of this box and of the PC-2 percussion synth (i've got both) don't really mention is that the big blue pad on the front is really a can use these bad boys just by tapping them with a stick or your finger or forehead etc...and yeah, the board layout is very open and EASILY modded...these go great with a tama drum module....

also does an indistinguishable TB-303 emulation ;)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Nov-12-1999 at 05:20
Cleatus from sILLINOISe writes:
Powerful workstation??? What the hell are you talking about? This thing sounds lovely, I'll give you that, but workstation? Sorry. This is basically just that cheesy Roland clap sound. Mine sounds eerily different than that, just slightly, for some reason. It is VERY can hear more of a "snap" like igniting something than a clap. This is about as stripped down as it gets. I haven't popped it open yet but I doubt that the circuit board could be called complex in any context. Got mine for $40...looking back on it I was ripped off but it goes VERY nicely with my 606 (which cost me $25) via its trigger in. Sounds very natural with that. Also could be pretty neat live...I've plugged various things into it, synths, computerized clicks, even a bass guitar and when the signal gets loud enough, it will "clap"...sounds particularly nasty with the bass, it's just evil. This unit is always really loud. The sound is also obnoxious, but it's great. You can also pretty much plug this into an amp and hook onto a drumset for a simple add-on, however be careful because when I tried this, it picked up more shock from the drums than its actual pad so it was constantly triggered undesirably. Classic sound though.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-May-16-1999 at 20:27
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