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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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digital angel a professional user from usa writes:
are you people on glue? this thing is a piece of shit. i bought one so i could get some atmospheric noise samples because its portable and runs on batteries... two weeks after having it, it begins to break down, wont assign samples to the first three pads, and now the stereo outs wont register sound. i am not a budget musician, i know my shit, and this thing is worthless. the sample quality is horrible, so flat and lifeless, and the effects are garbage. the only remotefully useful effect is filter #2(yes, it is labeled as an effect on this thing), mabye on vox and white-noise based drum loops... that sounds sick. but other than that, this is a horrible piece. dont buy it. all of the music i write and produce is heavily electronic based, and i can somehow manage to bang on an oil drum and sample it, and make better use of it than i ever could do with this joke of a sampler. roland should be ashamed.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-18-2001 at 23:48
Nick from NY, USA writes:
I just pick this up for $150 including a 4mb smartcard. This small sampler kicks ass for its price. Not a top professional piece of equipment, but it does the job!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-May-22-2001 at 23:55
Mr Miscreant from Hell writes:
Okay, first off we're talking about the SP202 Dr Sample...not to be confused with the Boss DR202 Dr Groove Drum Machine thingy. Close, but no cigar in her thingy.

Okay, here the real poop: It's a pretty decent sampler with a ton of capibilities, you just gotta be creative. Now this is the type of thing best used with other gear, definatly not on it's own. Now as far as the internal effects...they do leave a little bit to be desired. The time-stretch feature works well with vocals...but with beats, it tends to add to much noise and tremelo to the sound. The ring modulater is pretty generic. I rarely use this effect. As far as the filters..this is what I found: If you sample in lo-fi mode and run the sound through the filter, it gives it a real "warm/authentic" sort of sound. The hi-pass filter just sounds a bit too tweaky when you sample in normal mode. The delay effect is in my opinion is useless. It only repeats once and cuts out...I think Boss should have put a bit more effort into this area. The reverse feature is cool too, just too bad you can't apply any effects. Of course the pitch control is universal but deal with it....

Now if you think the effects are a real issue, I would simply suggest using an out-board effects processor (but I am sure y'all knew that anyway).

As far as the memory's not too terribly expensive (unless you work at McDonalds) but the only limitation is that if you allocate samples to the C/D banks, you cannot apply any sort of effects. The only major plus to the memory card is snatching long samples (great for sampling accapella tracks for remixes).

Here's another piece of advice...what I do is sample onto my SP202 and then sample back to my MS1 sampler and usually apply effects in between (like killing 2 birds with one fat crack rock). This feature comes in handy if you sample drum parts in lo-fi mode and send them to a seperate sampler and trigger the sounds from an external drum source. Viola...sorta old school 8-bit/SP1200 sound! Try it.

The built in mic is decent...useless in a real studio sorta enviroment except when it comes to sample burps and farts.

All and all, the Boss SP202 is a cool little piece of gear. Don't knock it just because you lack creativity and you're too lazy to experiment. With that in mind...I am off to jam.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Mar-02-2001 at 01:54
tweeker a part-time user from Oz writes:
i got on of these second hand, and it is excellent. i don't have a tb303, but i can use rebirth and my sp202 to quickly and easily load up acid basslines and go off.

also, on the timing factor, using the skills of counting from 1 to 4, i have managed to create numerous loops, all sampled at a perfect 140 bpm, all you have to do is count the beat. this thing is nuts!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-10-2001 at 18:32
Don a hobbyist user from chicago writes:
i many people dissing a great piece of can sample loads of sounds via smart card...althought the limit on effects at once is a bit bunk....the rest make up for the small errors...this box is magic and im happy with for looping sounds perfectly...u have to remeber does depend on how the sound u want to loop begins and ends..thus not every sound can loop..simply because it doesnt go...regaurdless of the machine..i have looped dope instruments...barly any click...and a filter can hide that nicly....experiment..i did..and now im a HAPPY man...all i need now is a sp 1200, one maybe a asr x pro or other workstaion and i got sum open will you...peace out and make what u love

posted Monday-Jan-22-2001 at 21:55
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