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Average rating: 3.9 out of 5
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Jimmy a part-timer user from USA writes:
Well, the guy who said it on the main review is partially right, this synth kicks lotsa ass. As a matter of fact it was my very first programmable keyboard. If your really creative, and have the time and have no problem spending lotsa hours trying to program, then its for you.

>>Besides the sounds, the CTK-611 includes a basic but great-sounding analog synth with which you can program new sounds or modify the presets.>>

Not true. well, kinda. This is NOT an analogue synth. It is by far, completely digital. As for making new sounds by modifying the presets, completely true..its like layering and meshing together sounds and messin 'round with the two DCO's. The best sounds come from completely odd combo's I.E..."hmm, what would happen if i made the 1st DCO pcm set an english horn, and the second a Saw Wave?" well, my friend, edit a lil bit more and you get a lead that will scare your neighbors cat. Way Cool..

>>Some features are missing here which I would like to see, such as the ability to control the analog filters in real time, but this can be compensated for through layering of patches (which include some cool filter sweeps)<<

Not analogue, and no, sorry, no filters. There are however, Pseudo-filter Sweeps. This synth is weird..when editing the synth..the Waveform section has about 20 different types, and there are filter sweeps set for if you dont like em...sorry, your outta luck.

The drum kits entertained me for awhile but then i decided to try to sound more professinal. I got a DJX..the drum kits on there whoop lotsa ass..but the CTK611 does have a TR-505 emulation, in which it does very well. As for the basses, they both try to emulate Juno Basses, the first one is pretty good, but the second Juno Sub bass (#39 i think)is a gooood fave part is the lil 6-track can record in realtime or step..which is cool...i used to use it for my drum trax, no i use it for all those Digital wack ass sounds i get out of my 611...I really dont have any would have been more pro if it had no speakers...which woulda meant more controls...but hey...its made for the consumer market..this synth has got to be one of the more quiet should be like.."do you remember when you got your first 611"? More than a 5 here..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Feb-20-1999 at 11:24
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