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Average rating: 4.4 out of 5
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John a part-time user from UK writes:
Just found this after a google search. I'd like to tell you how I came accross my HT700..really sad story.. One night after work in the pooring rain I decided to take the long way home.It was dark, it was late and I was wet through.Walking by some flats near me I noticed a book on the floor.Wet, and a few pages missing.On the front were the words "CASIO HT-700 User Manual"..Hmm I thought, how odd. Never heard of it..Looking up out of curiosity was a mucky flower bed, bushes and rubbish.In the glimmer of the street lights was a dim looking brown oblong. Curious..I stepped up and saw black and white and a shimmer of blue. :O was my expression "how could ANYONE do that to a keyboard!!" I picked up the injured party and the book and hurried home...After removing the slugs, dirt and exess water I took the poor lad apart, sprayed a liberal dosing of WD40 into the boards and waited..2 days passed and the machine was dry.I sprayed more WD40 into the works, lots of it, a day later i dabbed off the excess and put it back together and noticed the usual reversed polarity of casio. I borrowed my roland jx305 adapter and hoped. "pop" went the speakers and i was greeted with red lights a plenty and the sounds of a happy keyboard."IT WORKS!" and its restored back to almost perfect condition (only a lil dust in the speaker grills and sliders to sort out) I couldnt believe it. I love this machine and the midi works a treat!, deffo gonna mix it with my roland and a few wave files for a techno mix someday ;)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-04-2005 at 00:34
Midnightspaceship a part-time user from usa writes:
My Casio Ht700 was gave to my after i helped move this ladys mother inlaw out of her townhouse. There was three of there but she looked at me and asked if anyone wanted looking at i said sure why not laughing as did the others. The funny part was that i was the only one that played keys. So this is the start of my web page i well use the CASIO HT700. I have had 2 keyboards in my time and used many others in my past. But this one is fun fun fun lol. Very 80s and sounds like some old Tangerine dream tones use on hyperborea or chronzon(great song like for sure) but real its fun and check out the site it should be up and burning hott by OCT. 2005. Those looking the pdf. book and more on the Casio HT700 can find it here.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Sep-23-2005 at 01:31
casiophile a professional user from canada writes:
very very cool. cheesy sounds, yes, but run it through an FX unit and it should have a lot of sonic potential (especially if it's something like a midi-syncable delay/trem). i also have a cheap ToneBank and I've recycled rhythms off of it and it sounds dirty! the jazz organ (w/ chorus at 3)and typhoon sounds are unbelievable from a casio! i love casio more and more. so much character. anyone have a manual or know a resource where i can download one? thanks.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-02-2005 at 23:29
David Beecher a hobbyist user from Denver, Colorado writes:
I have a casio ht-700 in near-perfect condition. I am the original owner. Let me know if you are interested in it. I'm going to put it on ebay soon. I also have a casio CT-640 that is in pristine condition as well. I had both connected to a macintosh midi-synth years ago and it worked great.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-12-2005 at 23:13
jay a hobbyist user from Huntsville, AL writes:
I got my HT700 for free in the late 90s from a friend who no longer needed it. i was too punk to have a keyboard in any real band i was in at the time, but i had a side project called 'the jay kaos synthpop band' that it fit into nicely. i had the HT700, a CA100, a yamaha PSS480 and a barely working cassette four track... yes, cassette. anyway around 1998 or so i got into the whole pc based thing (which i only lately recovered from)... so basically my HT700 sat around being unused for years while i pointed and clicked my way to musical genius...

now i'm happily into my newest project, 'Kidd Video', in which i use only classic Casio keys. My setup for Kidd Video features the HT700 (with one key missing), a CA100 (run through some distortion) and an MT68 for phat, analogue beats and classic good looks. :)

The HT700 is a great little keyboard/digital synth. It's unbelievably fun to mess around with and (like all Casio) sounds great through an amp. As would be expected, the synth is very easy to program but any live manipulation is almost impossible. You can really coax some cool sounds out of it with a little practice. Unfortunately my HT700 has a memory problem wherein all saved patches are erased after extended off time, so... like every other owner of the HT700, i need a RAM card.

Most of the presets are crap (surprise) but with such easy editing new patches are only minutes away. It has a 2 step drum sequencer that is great fun and definitely has a classic 8bit sound to it, which i love. It also has a 2 step bass (non editable) sequencer, which, unless you really like repetition, is best used with the 'casio chord' function for an arpeggiated bass sound.

It's extremely digital sounding but will find it's niche in your setup, guaranteed... a poor man's DX7.

I love my HT700. <sigh>

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-12-2004 at 20:15
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