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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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user 51 a professional user from Finland writes:
Worlds best sampler.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-23-1999 at 02:37
nubey a professional user from Houston writes:
My first song I ever created was done on a lowly SK-1.

Essentially it was a public enenmy beat (looped), couple with a moog source bass line, some strange guitar efx on a mic'ed piano, and an sk-1 sample of willy nelson's "Shotgun Willie" which I interspered with a loud distorted sample of my pal screaming "F*** you willie!"

Tuely some strange almost negativeland sounding stuff, I think I might be demented -- I have hundreds of Cd's and Lp's and 12" singles to sample from and I pick willie fricking nelson, ugh!

Oh yeah, more fun I did a school movie where I sampled Yoda from Star Wars - ROTJ, and we used our Highschool's video editing machines to do a little bit of editing. We had Yoda claiming he was constipated, and finally he just goes in his pants, the dialogue was done completely with an SK-1. Damn it took weeks to do it, when it was done it was downright hilarious to see a constipated muppet.

The sk-1 sounds like utter crap, but honestly it's the most fun I ever had with a sampler, I've got an E-mu now.

Get one at a garage sale for $5-10 bucks and viola, it will atleast give you some ideas to build from.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-26-1999 at 17:30
a professional user writes:
hi sk1-freaks i've found a bug in this little machine wich creates a very nice sound.

1. sample any sound you want (obviously) 2. activate the vibrato mode 3. press one or more keys to play the sample 4. while playing, press the loop button and "hold" the keys 5. the effect: the sampled sound goes by random far down or far high, maybe 5 or 6 octaves, and runs back to the pitch of the keys you are holding. unbelievable effect and never intended by casio technicians.

p.s. sorry about my spelling, hope you understand, what i mean.

eric from germany

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-26-1999 at 10:48
Honest Mike a part-timer user from So. CA U.S.A. writes:
Well first of all I have to THANK ALL my fellow SK-1 Brothers out there who saved me a grand or so in $$$$$$$$$$! I was at work yesterday and took a break to check out Sonic State. A friend gave me a SK-1 many years ago. Hum 88-89 I believe. It has sat dorminate for many years. Well after work and dinner yesterday I hooked up the little synth and got out my ANALOG DREAMS CD and sampled a couple snippits. Well after a couple tries I got some of the most deepest bass thumps from this machine. I was in pure bliss! I then composed some riffs into my SP-808 Sampler and looped the measures. I have been using my SP just for drum loops and I have been looking for a keyboard for the last year for bass leads and such. The SK-1 did far beyond my expectations and with an effects processor (MAN I MUST BE A NUT CUZ I WAS IN FEQUENCY HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!I EVEN HAD A NEW GIRL OVER MY HOUSE LAST NIGHT AND I WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE SK-1 INSTEAD?) All I have to say is THANKS for the insight on this keyboard its only been day one since I have used it and I know I have many more days to go........ next I might try to do a little circuit bending after I come down but as for now I dig this machine and respect it as well as for the other SK-1 users. F-Guitar Center and them assholes selling there expensive Sh#t. The SK-1 rules!!!1

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-19-1999 at 14:08
Ivan a hobbyist user from usa writes:
yup, I too love the thing. Ive beaten the shit out of it so many times becase that in itself sounds cool, so now when I do certain things, it goes insane and makes the incredibly awful noise of every sound playing at once. wonderfully awful

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jul-25-1999 at 02:06
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