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Average rating: 4.9 out of 5
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craig from usa writes:
coincidentially , i happened to pass by this nl3 review, couldn't help but give it...

truly amazing synth...if only propellerheads reason sounded as may be convenient but will not be as reliable and good sounding as hardware (the only good software is cubase sx vst, NI, however cubase crashes).

I make trance music mostly, tiesto and such...and the dude arnold is right, tiesto, became famous after he played yahel's composition voyage...(in the beginning tiesto didn't make his own music, he played other people's music)...I went to yahel website and saw he uses NORD LEAD II, all the best artists have this.

In the US sadly, none of the israeli trance artists are that popular, except for astral projection that we are constantly bombarded by electronic garbage (hip hop, rap, minimal techno, house, cheezy trance, britney-style pop (no good synth pop like depeche mode, etc), and what not)....

i have been to europe...germany, sweden, belgium, amsterdam, they have great electronic music...i would love to go to israel...i have heard some of their trance its so f***ing amazing!!! even better than a lot of euro-stuff...due to terror attacks, i can;t go there, so i hope yahel, AP, and such come to USA!!!


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-30-2003 at 01:26
arnold from belgium writes:
nl3 great synth, minus effects processing...

my favorite djs are from israel, yahel sherman for eg, he uses nord lead 2 and virus b and cubase, and he is the most amazing trance artist!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-30-2003 at 01:15
Mojo a professional user from Detroit, Michigan writes:
I just purchased this red demon two days, so a complete and thorough review will come later. Although, this much I can say now. This is by far the most expressive synth I have ever come across in my life. I'm a third year BFA Music Technology major at U of M and a musician. The tones and expressive capabilities of the NL3 is nothing short of astounding. What further amazes me is that it completely lacks an FX block. I own four other synths from Emu to the Access Virus KB and I often have to resort to FX to camaflauge the inherently shitty tone. So what I get is garbage in and garbage out. Purchase this synth, you will never regret it. All for now...

Also, I'd like to point out that this is hardly a techno/trance toy. This synth has applications in all forms of music and infact shines best in Jazz/Fusionesque music. Herbie Hancock, amonge many others, has used this synth.

Finally, if anyone takes the initiative to bash this two minute prelimanary review--To you I say Fuck off! You probably don't own one and have to run to Mars Music to dick around with it. And if you do own one, you probably spent at least a $1000 on it, whereas I spent $250.75 brand new from a cousin of mine.


Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Friday-Aug-29-2003 at 01:51
a professional user writes:
I work in a studio with top artists and I use the Nord 2, JP8000, Virus KC, P5, JP-8 and OB8. I dont own any of these synths I just use them every day (lucky me!) but if I had 2 choices I would pick the Jupiter-8 and the Nord 3. In alot of ways the Nord 3 is like a Jupiter 8.....VERY refined sounding and VERY versatile. The Virus KC and JP8000 are ok but definitely geared towards more dance styles...I find the Nord 3 can recreate the more classic synth sounds better.

The bottom line is this: If you need high quality synth sounds which can be tailored towards any genre then the Nord 3 really shines. If you are specifically looking into dance music then there are perhaps more suitable synths out there..i.e Virus & JP8000. Having said that the Nord 3 does dance/trance styles excellently.

There's a very good demo of the Nord 3 here - If you are seriously in the market for the Nord 3 and you want to get a good feel to how it sounds, then check that demo out.

I could now talk at length about all the Nord 3's features, but alas Ive got work to do now. Suffice to say my two favourite features are the unison mode and morph. I love using the Unison on the N3..not only does it sound fat but also retains full polyphony. The morph is very cool and opens up amazing sounds.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-08-2003 at 12:47
a professional user from Somewhere in outer Space writes:
I genuinely believe the Nord 3 is a beautiful sounding and very well enginered synth. It is a wonderful (And easy) synth to use and is VERY powerful sounding. There are very few things a modern synth can't do.

Like many people, I feel the 80's were a brilliant decade for music + full of wonderful synth sounds! Most synths muscians used were indeed analog and early digital (Eg DX7, PPG Wave, Casio cz's etc etc).

Since I bought the NL3 I've been deep in thought. I have been pondering over the endless debates over modern synths compared to old analogs, Like the Prophet 5 and Jupiter 8. First off I must say that I own a Jupiter 8 and a Pro-One. I have spent hours upon hours comparing both kinds of synths (Digital v Analog) My conclusion is as follows:

1) There really is no debate! Modern synths are brilliant (In terms of sound and features), old anologs also sound brilliant. Every synth has good points and bad points. The main differences between Digital and analogs is that analogs sound dirtier, warmer and perhaps in exceptional cases more depth. Digital synths sound more clinical, precise and more detailed. The true role of a VA, in my opinion, is not to emulate an analog, but to make a digital synth sound warmer, fuller and more expressive. Modern day VA's sound really good and are the future of digital synths.

If the sound of old analogs tickles your fancy, great! If you prefer the sound and features of Nords, novas and Virus's etc etc then thats great also. There really is no point arguing about it. I have never come across a shit synth! Its all down to how well you can program. Most guys how programmed synths back in the 80's were really good sound engineers. Back then it really was a science. Nowadays, with synths more widespread and more people than ever using them, its no suprise that alot of music nowadays uses poorly programmed sounds. I have heard modern synths do truely amazing sounds. In my mind there is no debate or argument. How good a synth sounds is down to how well you can program it. I have heard sounds on the Nords that no analogs could ever do and for that I love it all the more.

Learning how to program a synth properly is probably the most important thing (Besides playing it!) that you can do. You will soon see that people who slag off a synth on the grounds of 'it sounds crap' are just poor programmers who feel inadequate.

If you need to know how to program then you may find this resource very useful...I did!

The bottom line is this....The Nord 3 is without a doubt the most analog & versatile sounding digital synths I have ever heard. The Virus, JP8000 and Waldorf are just as good.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jan-16-2003 at 15:33
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