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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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mnorme a professional user from usa writes:
Odd. I have a Nord Lead One and a 2x and I think the One sounds better. The 2x is a bit too clean and not as analog sounding.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jul-30-2008 at 13:06
Max a part-time user from berlin writes:
I totally disagree wıth the comments below. I had NL 1 and still have NL 2. NL 2 has much better filter. NL 1 sounds cold and raw and has no character for me. I sold the NL 1.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-30-2008 at 10:38
azim a professional user from uk writes:
In a word or 2 the Nord lead 1 is by far the most organic and analogue of the 3 nord leads. Its sound is a bit rougher round the edges and its functions are a perfect balance.I owned the nord lead 2 and prefer the Nord lead 1 for its simplicity but above all for its character .Slowly clavia have lost this with more and more 'perfect ' digital engineering.The Nord lead one has those quirks you love in stuff . . . the same audio / character /quirk you find in the ppg as oppoed to the xt , the same quirks analogue has . . . the Nord lead 1 is also some days a bit like an old sidstation . . . its an odd and slightly rough around the edges synth that i feel was superseded by less and less character and more and more 'clean ' and ' perfect ' sound character.Dont get me wrong - the Nord lead 2 and 3 are nice synths but REALLY different character at times to the Nord 1.If your looking for grainy , bitty , and almost sidstation like sounds or for a bad (but good ) emulation of analogue then buy the mk1 . . .its a very cool and classic synth . . . Ive used countless analogue and digital synths (in the region of 40-50 over nearly 20 years) and if i had a choice for both chilled and edgy sounds i would buy the Mk 1 !i wuld own the mk3 of course . . . the mk2 feels a bit redundant to my ears now . . . . the nord 2 x ??? well i think they did even more'cleaning up ' of the signal and digi math and so lost even more of the 'character ' which flaws in design create and whick ' make ' a synths personality . . .trust me - ab the mk 1 , 2 , 2x and 3 - you will be see what i mean. . .

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Apr-15-2006 at 14:31
Max a part-time user from Berlin writes:
After owning a Nord Lead 2 for about 8 years it is time to clarify some things ...


Is it only me, who thinks that the filter with its resonance in this unit is more or less shit? Using 24 dB lowpass with any patch, turning reso up just half or even less of full amount thins the sound out and produces crap sounds for 90% of all cases. Do you experience the same or is it only on my unit? Reso is hardly usable in this machine, because it cuts in too heavily.


Try to make a really punchy sound able to compete with analogue classics ... You cannot do it? Welcome in the club.

3. Take a Juno 6 for 20% of the value of a Nord and program some simple patches. You are surprised? Well, your reaction is no surprise for me ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Nov-17-2005 at 07:55
Fuqface a part-time user writes:
When the Nords first came out I dismissed them as overpriced toys for the "gear elite-ists". I was finally able to purchase a Nord Rack 2 a few years ago for the relatively decent price of $500. Compared to other VAs I tried it kicked ass. Rather than weak analog emulations from a MS-2000, EA-1, or the host of other synths that jumped on this bandwagon, the Rack 2 had balls: in your face basses and leads and very strong emulations of classic analog synths such as the Prophet 5. After programming it for a few months and comparing it to other hybrid-analog gear such as the 1985 line of Korg DWs, Roland MKS series, and such I discovered I liked the Nord not for analog recreations, but for the FM-analog beast that it truly is.

I think there is much confusion in the synth industry over this whole "virtual analog" concept. Does it mean copying an old Pro-One or even a Poly-800 with exacting results? As most reviews will agree most virtual analogs can't hold a candle to even the most dimunitive of old school keyboards (Casio CZ-101???)

Each of the newer VA's released over the past 10 years has an individual character just as the old analogs did, but this whole comparison/emulation thing is really pointless. I've found the gleaming jewel of the Nord line is this "FM-analog" hybrid synthesis. Program a patch on a Nord and then turn that FM'll find that digital punch that really cuts through the mix. Bass is also very good from the Nord but most folks who cherish analog synthesis desire those warm fuzzy overtones and harmonics in the midrange. For $500-$800 a Nord won't deliver this, but for $150-$200 you could pick up some older gear from Casio or Korg and get those juicy sounds you want for very little cash.

Hopefully this "virtual analog" era is over. Maybe by simply giving it a name of its own and its own domain it could be a leader in its class. I do like the Nord and it is built very well and provides outstanding features, but for the price....and if you're searching for "analog" sound then save those pennies and buy some old stuff.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Friday-Oct-14-2005 at 21:00
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