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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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Mike P a part-time user from Las Vegas writes:
I suffer from gear acquisition syndrome, which is bad considering I also suffer from empty wallet syndrome. That said, I do a lot of trading in with my musical toys. I've had the Nordlead 2x almost a year now, and it isn't going anywhere. It doesn't sound like an analoug synth, but it doesn't sound like an imposter either. It is the only modern synth I've come across with it's own character. You want a Moog? Save your money and buy one. For the price, this is miles ahead of anything else in it's class. I would pick it over any VA. The only thing I haven't fell in love with is the bass. Now I can coax some floor shaking, window shattering hums out of this baby, but I can't seem to get those old school bernie worrell ripping bass sounds. I got this when I traded in my alesis ion...i know, alesis sucks....but that thing could rip the nails out of the floor with it's p-funk style bass. However, in every other department it fell way short of what the Nord can do. I'll still buy another now that they reduced the price, though. All in all this is a great synth. When I opened it up and started playing out of the box, I wasn't too happy. It sounded thin and fake. Turned a couple knobs, though, and quickly became a believer. This is definitally not a board to get if you don't want to program. The Ion has much better presets, but isn't quite as flexible, at least not to me. Everyone will feel more comfortable with certain interfaces, and the nord is just right for me, even though it looks puny as hell...if you have the money for a virus, buy the nord and get some nice fx plug ins with the extra money, and you'll have a lot more versatility

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-21-2005 at 21:01
tricky a hobbyist user from Moscow writes:
check this demo made with nord lead 2

this shows that it can sound really soft if you want it to.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-19-2005 at 12:26
a hobbyist user writes:
Well i'm still of the opinion the Nord 2 is the best sounding VA out there. The Nord is the only synth that actually sounds reasonably satisfying without effects. I dont like this trend of manufacturers whacking on effects to polyfill sonic shortcommings. This was exactly my experience with the Virus. For the first 1 week or two it was like wow! but then it became very boring. Particularly when you turned all the effects off, you then realised why it had effects put on it in the first place.

Nope, in my opinion the Nord 2 is still regarded the best VA because of its simplicity (ease of use) yet powerful sound via its appropriately implemented features. In this day in age its very refreshing to come back to a synth that has no menues, no hidden features, a very raw/satisfying tone and no gimmicky built in effects. I run this unit through some Lexicon MPX1 reverb and delay and it really sings. Maybe a little chorus or phaser vst treatment also. Very satisfying sound for sensible money.

Alot of people ask what kinda music the Nord 2 is good for....well my analogy is: Nord (bright, happy poppy music etc) Virus (dark dance/ambience). So, both have their strengths and weaknesses and in my opinion they are the ultimate Virtual analog combination. Throw in a decent analog monosynth (true analog that is) a decent drum machine and you really dont need any other synth.

Lost of stolen I would buy a Nord 2 again and again. Not too sure if I could say the same for the Virus :(

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-03-2005 at 04:09
Mr Norddy writes:
Superb synth. Modelled on a Prophet 5? Sure sounds like it. The rawest and most in your face sounding VA on the market. Forget the Virus's and their wimpy sounds

Great build quality, User interface.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-26-2005 at 16:50
Phil a professional user from Switzerland writes:
what an amazing synthesizer, polyphony could be higher, like NL3 or Nl2x, but it is great to be able to program your sounds just like a Prophet5 or Minimoog and still enjoy full Midi implementation and have very relyable oscillators-this think will blow you away, eventhough it can sound a bit thin at times but I send it thru my Urei 1178 and it takes off ;-) YOU definatly must have this synthesizer in your setup-would never give it up, also check out the G2-Gruss

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jan-19-2005 at 15:05
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