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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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tony Smyth a hobbyist user from tokyo writes:
I'd have to agree with the comments before, This is one powerful and deep synth. I used to have the Nord 1 but this is way better. Havent done much creating of my own sounds yet, other than tweaking knobs and running loops through it, but breiflt this is whi yts great. Besides doing a pretty passable imitation ofloads of analogue synths and giving you loads of tweakbility, it also does FM realy well, and some kind soul has concerted 9,000 DX patches to nord speak. They are very good indeed (and I used to have a DX-7). finally, the Modular can process the shit out of any sounds you put throught it - Ok its not a Sherman, but it can serouusly mess up loops. AND as others have said theres tons of souns on the net, at least 20,000, some shite but many really good. You'll never run out of possibilties with this toy. Only things i dnt like is that it has no mod/pitch wheel, and the interface for transferring sounds between it and computer could be better. But I love it. Use every day. A beauty

Tony, sweltering in Tokyo

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Aug-05-2002 at 10:32
kulaccio writes:
the best thing of the last 10 years

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-15-2002 at 19:12
cameron a hobbyist user from chicago, usa writes:
three words:

a ma zing.

there's nothing this thing can't do. you can emulate almost any synth you want to with this guy. why buy a nord lead when you can download the patches for the lead synths straight from clavia? don't get me wrong, it will never sound like an arp, or a moog, or anything like that. it will sound like a clavia emulating an arp or moog and so on. but i personally like the clavia sound: clean, crisp, and pronounced in a mix. if you want it to sound different, buy an effects box.

i have spent countless hours programming and playing with this thing. there are so many things to play with and learn that you often get side tracked. i've spent nights upon nights merely mutilating external sounds through this without even taxing its full capabilites. i've never heard a casiotone sound so good!

besides being amazingly versatile, it also has a huge support group on the web. there is a message list hosted by topica that is absolutely amazing. very friendly folk and free exchange of ideas and patches.

of all of the synths in the price range, this is by far the best buy. the largest weakness of the modular, however, is the multimbrality. it has merely 4 parts. but coupled with almost any other synth, you will be unstopable. i sold most of my gear to buy this, and my entire setup is now an oberheim matrix 6, a sampler, and the nord modular. it's all i could ever want.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Jul-12-2002 at 20:33
loger a part-time user from france writes:
Don't know what to think about this chameleon. Did'nt programm it yet, but I've been trough a lot of patches and, tough many of them are alien-like and impressive, they're kind of toys, rather usable sounds. And the "regular" ones, modeling analog or whatsoever we're used to hear, they sound, yes, thin, but in a metallic way.

I mean, with the nord2 I can achieve a bass as deep as the subass patch that uses zillions of osc in the Modular, for instance. It's never a question of "how many modules I can stack" but "how great each of them sound". Take the Virus : so many possibilities, programmation wise, but it sounds crap, no dynamic, no treble and no bass.

I'm a bit disapointed at the moment, because I used to rave about the nord2 and I waited long before I was able to afford on, second hand. I'm afraid that fans of the modular are mostly the ones who make fun out of programing. The gratification of finding new ways to cord everything down... I pay much respect to them, because I'm partly one of thoses.

Anyway, I'll plunge deeper into it in the very next future.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Friday-Jun-14-2002 at 17:44
Folco Peroni a part-time user from Italy writes:
This is the best ever produced digital synth....nothing else is in the same league....if you think that it is thin it means you have not spent enough time with it , it is the kind of synth that doesn't give instant gratification but if you read the manual carefully and maybe search on the net for modular synthesys tutorials ( some of the best ones are based on the Nord Modular)then the ability to make fat sounds , and mostly unthinkable and original ones, increases fastly. It is "strange" that you cannot acheive fat sounds out of a machine that has the ability of stacking so many oscilators + slaves not mentioning that if you ever wish to have 5 filters in series ( this means pretty many poles)all you have to do is drag them with your mouse and connect cables in the right way. Even if you connect them in the "wrong " way maybe this is going to give you new sonic results. You want 5 or 6 Envelopes triggering various parameters??? problem...AD,ADSR Multi stage Env,AHR ENV....they are all there and just a click of your mouse away.You need just to keep an eye on the DSP resource that anyway is pretty high to let you acheive ultra fat sounds. It takes to much time to tell everything on these synth...let me just tell you that since I bought it I allways keep a couple of hours Every two days of my recording time to draw patches in my studio since with a computer screen it is much more fun and easy to edit and this is a MAJOR thing if you don't want to handle LCD screen frustration. This machine just makes you a social outcast....

posted Monday-Apr-15-2002 at 15:14
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