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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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Michael S a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I use a nord modular as my primary synth with a drum station as backup. It can be anything I want it to be, which is part of the problem.Try ebay, people usually sell these when they discover how hard it is to get good sounds out if. The modular requires a *lot* of tweeking.

Generally speaking, you'll find yourself sticking to a few patches and then cloning them accross the banks 'cause you can't save knob settings independantly, lame.

If you're into sound designing, or you want to lean what makes a sound "tick" the modular is the g' damn holly grail of synths.

If you want to spend more time making actual music than tweaking patches, your probably better off with something else, like a virus. The nord is for musicians who can program.

One other thing, get the expansion board. Some fo the better patches chew through the 4 DSPs like a rotweiler through a beef steak.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-04-2001 at 14:01
synthe.labo a part-time user from Italy writes:
well, all that words about the emulation of old analogue...... yes, it's true, but i think it's not the best way to use this synth.

the nord mod. sounds incredible to everyone that listen to it and used every kind of machine; it has some warm and lush aspects and immediately can turn to digial cold industrial edge things... abuse of these things

this synth screams GREAT sounds, it screams all WARP,REPHLEX stuff, it screams AFX, AUTECHRE, SQUAREPUSHER, NIN, and thousands more great innovators, but this is not so important;

this synth has an incredible personal character, instead of the fact it can emulates all oberheim, sequencial etc etc stuff; it sounds like a nord, and even if you stay a month to program it, it will sound still like a nord; extreme personal character;

i noticed that the sounds, also basic ones from nord lead synths, are so good and useful, also without effects, that you can for sure use them in your projects;

a bit strange to work with a pc editor instead of a coimpletely hardware editor, but think that now every synth has a pc editor, access, waldorfs, etc etc, so you have to be patience for the first period and then xperiment and find your way;

and remember that on the net you can find thousands of patches, so you'll spend such a long time only to listen to sounds made by other people, and maybe change them and use.

it's the past and the future of synth, really recommanded

100 on 5


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-05-2001 at 05:44
Jared Johnston a part-time user from Lansing MI, U.S.A. writes:
Hey all, Got my Modular Keyboard about 1 month ago. I'd like to say, thanks for all that recomended it as I am totaly satisfied. Well ok so thats an understatement. I'm BLOWN AWAY!! I'm quite new to modular synthesis. Writing the patches is still quite foreign. However, I'm learning at an astounding rate thanks to the editor system. Its so open to creativity. I'd say I'm using it to aprox 25% of its potential right now. The best thing is that I'm very happy with the sounds right now. So when I get to a better understanding of the editor, this thing is going to be addictive (even more than right now). Have to give it a A+, exactly what I need.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-17-2001 at 12:52
Squid-pop a professional user from Enchantrix writes:
I too love the Nord Modular. I have a leetle baby Micro. This is enuff fo me--- I got lots of polyphany in my other synths, so a bigger box is not ness. I have built a few patches and downloaded some sounds. The 99 presets are the best set I have messed with. What I would like to do some day soon, is hook it up to a little MIDI controller and tweak on. Maybe the knobs on my AN!X will do this (does anyone know?).

When it comes to diving into the depths of a synth's architecture and wringin-out its algorhythms, as beautiful as the Micro is, Metasynth has had a far more dramatic impact on my life as a musician. While Micro still holds much promise to me, mostly as an educational forum for understanding synthesis and as a badass sound machine, Metasynth is an entirely different breed o' otter, taking us sound explorers into a broad textual terrain, and introducing us to the subtletees of the physics of sound. These two wunderboxes together are absolute magic.

One great aspect of the Redbox (as me and my friends call the Micro) is that it is beautiful for playing out. It certainly shines in its ability to lend a phat bottom (it would make even Barry White jealous) and you can carry 99 sounds in one pocket! In combo with a laptop and something like EZBus, it could really be somethin (eg, now you have tempo control, can mutate step functions in real time). How do y'all do tempo control? Midi clock? Careful preprogramming to fit song list?

We are all lucky to have a Mod or Leetle Red Box.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-20-2001 at 22:35
TaxiDriver a part-time user writes:
It's even worth the money if you only use it as an effects-processor - but you'd be a moron if you use it only for that. I intended to buy an MS20 (I've been offered FOUR!) - but I let them all down because I can do everything with the Modular. All those virtual analogues are so limited in comparison to this one. Ever thought about using a bunch of filters, LFO's and Oscillators and using them at random while pumping some drumgroove through it? The Modular does it!

This must be one of the greatest synths of the last 2 or 3 years. Can't wait to hear the follow up of the Modular.

By the way - It does the Nord Lead 3 too - even the MicroModular does it (with lesser polyphony that is...)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-20-2001 at 01:27
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