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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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magnus a part-timer user from Kessel writes:
Alright, it´s not perfect yet. I´ve tried out the SidStation for a few days and the OS is still under construction. But the sounds are all there! For all you people who marvelled at the magic programming skills of Martin Galway and his kin about 190 years ago. You who felt the soul in tracks like Ocean Loader, Helikopter Jagd, One Man and his Droid, Dragon´s Lair and such. The soundtrack of an adolescence of C-64 games is all in this box. Terrific it is, because I don´t know first thing about machine code programming. Instead you can create those lovely, dirrrty sweeps with the tweakable knobs. It is one of a kind, comparable to nothing. It´s not like "is it better than a SH-101?" "Is it comparable to a dis or dat?" If you want a truly unique synth (ie not your everyday retro keyboard) this is it. The downsides are part of the package, like strange noise emanating from the chip somehow. You have to own a midi-controller by the way. Coolest: the really weird arpeggio function that blurs the sound in unmistakable C-64 fashion. Coolest 2: the filters. HiPass, LoPass, BandPass and combinations, all sweepable to insanity. The closest comparable machines that I can think of are the Casio CZ-range, but they sadly lack both Coolest 1 and 2... The sounds range from really deep sub-bass to painful treble. Waveforms are saw, square, pulse, noise and mix, which (if I´m rightly informed) is a mix of saw and square. The sound of Comic Bakery is now within reach. The word is UNIQUE. U-N-I-Q-U-E. Strangely, ZZ Top are happy owners of a Sid. If this is your first synth (which it isn´t, since you´re reding this) then buy something from Roland or Yamaha instead. Otherwise get it and get it fast. This might be your only chance of becoming a synth pioneer, since nobody really knows what the Sid is capable of. I´m intrigued anyway. For ingenuity: 5 out of 5 once the OS is fully functional with full midi implementation etc. As yet, it´s a 4. Bye

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-30-1999 at 09:16
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