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Average rating: 4.6 out of 5
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SCSI transfer to my computer was a nightmare so I sold my E4XT and bought an S6000 with USB expansion.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-19-2001 at 05:36
Bruce Percy a part-time user from Edinburgh writes:
The sampler is excellent, but the support / service leaves a gread deal to be desired.

I bought the 6400 Ultra and decided to go for the voice expansion. Well, it turns out that the voice allocation in 128 voice mode differs from how the machine works in 64 voice mode. I've done some testing and it appears that if you have the sustain pedal on, any voice that has completed its cycle is no returned to the free list of voices correctly.

In terms of service - the machine came back on two occasions in a worse state that it was originally in. The first occasion they broke my ADAT card yet had said the machine was 'tested' and the second time the machine would not book because of some unrecoverable error which displayed its self as some nonsense on the main screen.

EMU also refuse to accept that there may be bugs with the software - such as the one i've experienced with the voice allocation.

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-26-2001 at 05:56
the bastard a professional user from toronto, canada writes:
If I had a dime for every time that I've thanked myself for picking up my EIV (E-Synth, actually, with full specs)... well you know how the saying goes. Thus far this damned instrument has been the most versatile and balanced music creation tool that I've ever used, and it would take a lot to sway me from my fandom.

I mean... at the risk of reiterating everything that everyone else has posted in the emu's favor, everything - the sound quality, expandability, versatility (the modulation options are staggering) and expressive control (best digital filters I've yet heard? Better than my Nord Lead!!!) and the interface is... well... really comfy. Once you solidify a basic knowledge of the internal layout of EOS it truly is the simplest sampling OS in a hardware box that packs this much wallop... AKAI's stuff is notoriously confusing (although, to it's credit, some people absolutely swear by it).

Ultimately, if you're looking to buy a really intense and insane creative tool, save your time and money and forego both AKAI AND EMU... and go directly out to purchase a Kurzweil 2500 (or a used k2000RS if your budget is tight). No other sampler in history has even remotely come close to the Kurweil's sheer ability to manipulate sound... it truly is awe inspiring. It's place is, however, more that of the specialized beauty in your rig, as it doesn't compete with the polyphony, memory, or price of the EMU or AKAI lines.

If you're looking for an incredibly powerful machine to build a studio around, however, the EMU is your beast, hands down.


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Jul-23-2001 at 01:53
Geice from still the same writes:
By the way, just want to add - poor FX section, not in terms of quality, but of quantity. Only two FX available - reverbs and choruses. That's all, folks. :) No even a single insert fx. I still give it 5 (to be honest I shouldn't to), because of it's "almost windows-like" ease of use (no need to dive into manual, which is fantastic as to me), although I'm packed it ibto the box already and gonna sell it soon (hope so). Untill you have a bucket of synths, no sense of buying it. If you have them - go buy it. Buy the way, DON'T BUY EMU Producer series CDs - they are shit!!! 1st and 2nd have almost all samples (about 100) taken from E3 serie, sounding not great at all, 25 Mb of samples (I'm not counting single 26mb piano sample), 4th - One Guy's CD (forgot his name) - the shittest shit I ever heard - several huge tabla-congo-like bums and bams and that's all. And 5th - 3dkeys also a big dissapointment. Nothing special and useful there too (except few samples). I bought these CDs without prelistening (I trusted emu then) together with a sampler and spent 600+ bucks! For this money I could buy a decent synth! What a fool I was...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-12-2001 at 09:47
doomsday a professional user from canada writes:
well i have to admit it. I love my E4X. I haven't had it long, and i use mine for a combination of sound design and music apps, so the comparison to the the Akai gear may be true. But for me (and my crew) the E4X is a versitile, easy to use and great sounding sampler. Yes a lot of the Cd's it copmes with are shite, and unless you have an external HD you will have some problems (try 250 meg Zips) and of course it is expensive. I think what you have to realize is that this is a really strong peice of gear with many great filters and nuances. Yes buy good/great synths to add flavour, but if you want 32 midi channels and a lot of quick access for sounds to build with, i strongly recommend this machine....

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-05-2001 at 23:52
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