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Average rating: 4.1 out of 5
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David Livingstone a professional user from USA Living at home with mom at age 31 writes:
Dissapointing and limited compared to what's out there today, but with no sampling capabilities, or the ability to make your own custom drum kits like MPC etc, it really just a giant drum machine. I send mine back a a week after I got it. I think it was like $900.00 or more, what ever it was it was too much for this unit. I see them on ebay for about 1/3 that price... which is what they should go for. I remember hearing this thing on DMX's "great depression album" I mean it's not bad if you get it for the right price. Sounds are okay, more like "commercial" sounds of what some 40 year old guy thinks hip hop sounds should be like. Not very inspirational. This was also the first EM-U piece I brought, but It didn't turn me away form them. They usually have some really great wonderful stuff. This just wasn't it. I give it a 3... and that's adding 1+ point because it's Emu and I love thier gear... I really want to put a 2 down.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Nov-08-2006 at 13:55
David Rodriguez a part-time user from san diego California writes:
There is no doubt about it no matter how hard I try to get away form hardware based music machines I am pulled deeper into the fray. But when speaking about the Emu mp-7 I can only grin while I make sweet sounding electro tracks. I don't make dance music I dont make.. no actually I do make hip hop (actually more of a type of trip hop) but thats not whats so beautifull about this machine. This machine is about getting all those sounds you hear in your head down and recorded via midi to the superb on board sequencer Right now I only have 16 mb of sounds to use. I bought an mp-7 with a protozoa card and I sold the 32 mb of sounds called pure phatt. So I only have like 4 general midi drum kits and like zero useable bass sounds, but with those fantastic knobs and numerous filter types I have managed to tweak out the best drum kits and decent bass sounds . Now I am only using OS version 1.0 i havent upgraded to 2.0> So I am only looking forward to having this thing work even better for me. I wouldnt suggest this emu to everybody but If you know what it does and why you need it to do that and better yet how you can use what it does to your advantage. Let me tell you you will not be let down by the emu. Ive had my purple monster for two months and I have about 13 tracks ready for my next album. pre production of course Like I said Im only usin 16 mb of sounds. but after I get my sampler and VA synth these tracks would be ready. yes I am getting a va synth I dont want my emu to be a drum and bass type machine (however I will use it to sequence my drum and bass type machines) I want my emu to be more about strings and chords and keys and what not.. but I am thinking about getting that 32 mb of drum sounds they are now offering that would be so sweet...Let me think about things I would like to see in my emu..#1 more affordable sound cards and more expansion slots. and #2 audio in put to proccess sounds through the filter and effects. and #3 more software based support suchas sequencers and what not and thats really that..

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Sep-25-2003 at 01:46
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