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Andrew a hobbyist user from Saltspring Island writes:
Programming the Orbit 3 is hit-and-miss- good sounds happen by accident, but not by design. It's difficult to switch off parts, reset the factory presets, save multichannel layers, and I've yet to hear the 16 arpeggiators they boast. The manual is not a big help, and the factory presets do not show off the machine's potential. However, I do like the rhythm sounds, and I intend to stay with the machine for a few years.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-26-2007 at 00:28
equipped from canada writes:
Great site! Well I can now say that I am the proud owner of the "Techno Synth Construction Yard ROM", and the "Beat Garden ROM", I Payed 500.00 canadian for both, I have them installed in my new Proteus 2000 rack, and I must say that they live up to my expectation's in every way, the bass in the Beat Garden ROM is exzactly what I was after, and I can tell you the bass is a right treat with the "Rate" and "Movement" knob's, and with the (TSCY, it was all about the pad's and anything els it had to offer, another top notch ROM, Rop Papen gives you allot to work with and can't thank him enough for these solid ROM's, big cheers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Mar-20-2007 at 03:28
Angelo vd Weerden a part-time user from Holland writes:
Got today the Orbit 3...this thing is amazing, now i know where all those sounds from the jungle and techno music i hear on the radio are comming from...everyhing is there, just plug it in and let the Orbit 3 play the coolest jungle, DnB and Techno beats you ever heard...i use alot of equipment, machines like Virus KC, Nordlead, Emu5000, Yamaha VL1, A3000, Triton, Karma, Prophecy etc..all in all machines who can make virually everything...but why bothering when you want to make Jungle/techno etc and you can pick up a machine like the Orbit 3..oh by the way..the XL-1 expansion fits the Orbit 3 very nicely....greetings from Holland

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-08-2005 at 16:53
a professional user writes:
The 2 ROMS full of sounds in the Orbit 3 really kick some ass hard. Just awesome. Full of incredible stuff to really get the dance floor shakin. Rob Papen knows his stuff, so you cant go wrong. I recommend the orbit 3 if you like to create intense trippin music. There is nothing quite like it really. Almost reminds me of my old quasimidi boards. Love it! And if you cant find the orbit 3, just get a hold of the Beat Garden rom and the Techno synth construction yard rom, and you got it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-06-2004 at 04:18
Peter Kadar a professional user from Canada writes:
I picked up the Orbit 3 new for $300 in Toronto. I liked certain things about my Proteus 2000 (see reviews) but eventually grew to dislike the sound quality of the Composer and ZR76 chips. For the price, the Orbit is amazing. The beats, synth sounds, arpeggios, all of it is outstanding. I'm a fan of Rob Papen's stuff from the Waldorf Microwave XT, and sonically, the Orbit holds its own with much more expensive gear. The power of the P2K engine is put to good use. I also installed the B3 chip and ordered the vintage chip. The B3 chip sounds good, but could have benefitted from some more musical programming at the factory. There are alot of patches with large amounts of delay, for example. The vintage chip is actually really good. I tweaked some Rhodes patches and came up with results that definately smoke my RD-700. The Moog leads are also great, having compared them with my Prodigy. Overall, I love the sound quality of this machine. It is several levels above the P2K. Fully loaded, it would make a great module to accompany a more acoustic oriented synth. The build quality is also high. These outputs won't be getting shorted out anytime soon! A great piece of gear, and if I paid several times the cash, I would still be proud of my purchase.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Nov-24-2003 at 00:47
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